Breaking the Quiet - Episode 3

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Welcome to Breaking the Quiet Part 3, the well-known cartoon porn video based on the Metal Gear series. After drilling Quite's ass wide open, the horny mistress takes a look and decides it's time for more. She starts touching the horse's dick, wanting to make it hard again for another round of hard fuck. She rubs the horse's dick between her legs, making it big and hard. Having his dick big and hard, the mistress lets the horse start another round of ass fucking. She puts his big cock in Quite's ass and masturbates as the horny horse was fucking the poor girl, ejaculating in her asshole a few times. While her captor was squeezing the horse's sperm out of her, Quiet managed somehow to escape, and she confronted her. She managed to knock her captor out, standing over her face while the horse's cum was dripping from her broken asshole.

The author is working on Breaking the Quiet Part 4, so stay tuned as we should have that here soon on Animopron's official channel.
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