Love Bitch

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Sato is a nerdy young guy who has a crush on the Chisato-san, the girlfriend of one of the popular guys at school. One time when he was in the bathroom, Chisato-san and her abusing boyfriend entered and ordered her to get undressed so he can fuck her. Chisato-san did what the guy said, even though she didn't like the abuse when it comes to a good fuck she can't say no. After they fucked, the abusing boyfriend tells Sato that he knows he's in there.

Later on, Chisato-san is in a hotel room with her boyfriend, and while they were fucking he told her that some of his friends are coming over to fuck her too. While the guys were sharing her, her boyfriend took a few pictures. He sent those to Sato, saying that he had enough of Chisato-san, and he can keep her. In the end, Sato ends up having sex with the love of his life, Chisato-san.