Breaking the Quiet - Episode 2

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Here we have the second part of Breaking the Quiet porn series. Quiet the Metal Gear Solid sexy chick who is sexually abused by her mistress and her horse Brutus. The mistress doesn't let the horse cum, she gives him a few minutes to chill, and she sticks her hot pussy in Quiet's face, making her eat her cunt. As soon as Brutus has gathered his strength, he puts his dick in Quiet's mouth, fucking her deep in the throat until he fills her mouth with cum and makes her puke.

The mistress gets a strapon and starts fucking Quiet's ass, breaking her ass wide open while banging it hard. She calls Brutus and slaps his dick a few times to get it hard, and after that makes him fuck Quiet's ass while the mistress was riding a baseball bat with her pussy. After that, Quiet gets her ass destroyed by a hardcore double penetration. The mistress moves over and lets Brutus fuck Quiet's ass while she walks to her mouth, sticking her black strapon hard in her throat. They fuck Quiet so hard that the table she was on breaks, and they all take a break

Hope you enjoyed Breaking the Quiet Part 2 and let us know in the comments what you think about this horse porn series.
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