Rick and Morty: A Way Back Home - Episode 6

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Another episode of the narrated Rick and Morty porn gameplay, where we follow Morty in his sexual adventures. Morty keeps trying to talk with his love Jessica, but he always gets interrupted by her boyfriend. Tricia told him that if he wants to have a chance with girls like Jessica, he needs to grow taller, turn black, and have lots of money. Unfortunately, that's not something Morty would be able to do. 

Morty and Morticia are watching a movie, and they are about to have sex for the first time. Morticia doesn't know what to do, so Morty tries to guide her. After a quick fuck, because of the position, Morty ejaculates all over his face. In the next scene, Morty manages to see Jesica naked at the showers, and he can't believe it. When he goes home, his horny mother Beth has a go with him, wanking his cock with her big natural boobs.
Characters: Morty Smith Beth Smith
Channel: Rick and Morty