The Sleazy Family - Episode 2

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This is the second episode from the great hentai series called Sleazy Family. After the first one, Masaru caught her aunt masturbating, now we see how she took him inside where she tried to explain to him what she was doing. Realizing that she can teach him more about sex, the horny aunt takes him to her bedroom, where she puts him on the bed naked. There she takes his dick in her hand and starts licking and sucking it. In return, Masaru pulls her aunt's panties and starts licking her pussy while she was rubbing her big tits. They do a great 69 position where he fucks her mouth while he keeps licking her pussy. After that, Masaru fucks her aunt's pussy hard until they both reach orgasm. 

In all this time, his worried mother gets in the car and heads to her sister's place to see what Masaru is doing and if he got there. Stay tuned for the next episode.
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