The Poem of Wind and Trees OVA 1 Scene

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As a young adult, Serge was Viscount Cayeux and a Romani prostitute named Anna Fogg. Following his mother's death in an inexplicable fire, he was sent to the elite but socially exclusive Lycee Jules Verne in Paris through his father's connections at court. Although only a year younger than most of his classmates, he was bullied and ostracised for being Jewish by much of the student body. The exception to this was Gilbert Cocteau, who would come to be his closest friend. It was evident from early on that something was strange about Cocteau - whether due to factors completely within his control or not remains unclear as clear-cut details about him are few and far between - but as Serge's attempts to befriend him went unanswered, it is impossible to tell what prevented him from getting close enough for a friendship to form until later...
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