Pico: my little Summer Story

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Pico: My Little Summer Story (pico ~ぼくの小さな夏物語~, Pico: Boku no Chiisana Natsu Monogatari) is an OVA remake of the first OVA released in 2006. Natural High studio wanted to get more people to watch Boku no Piko in a more normal version. This OVA was released near the end of 2007.
Pico, a boy with very effeminate features, visits his grandfather in summer, who runs a bar. It is there that he meets Tamotsu, a regular customer. His grandfather asks Tamotsu to befriend the little boy, as he has no friends in the area. Tamotsu, or Mok-Kun, is very attracted to Pico, utterly unaware that he is not a woman.
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