Mission K-9

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This time around, SumthinDiffrnt brings you yet another hot cartoon porn film. This is the farthest galaxy we've ever traveled to. A bounty hunter embarks on a quest unlike any other. It's going to be tough. Samus Aran, the world-renowned interplanetary bounty hunter, plays the major role (Metroid). Incoming messages from the Galactic Federation request her return to the headquarters for a new task; thus she must leave immediately for the headquarters. This is a mission unlike any other, even if the specifics are kept under wraps. The coordinates of Samus' ship are assigned to the base of the Galactic Federation. After taking off into the vastness of space, she's left to wonder what this voyage will bring her. He directs her to the Commander when she arrives. As soon as he's finished explaining everything, she'll be all set to leave. For the sake of cross-breeding, she takes a trip to an unusual planet, after which entering its atmosphere, her systems malfunction, and she must make a hastily planned emergency landing. The two inmates she was transporting are no longer visible to her. She lets herself out of the door and heads into the woods in search of them. She pulls her suit off because it's cool in here. As time goes on, she runs upon a freaky monster that promptly fucks with her. Other than that, a dog and some other researchers are also waiting for her. Besides those who fuck with Anomaly guy, there are other women in the area.