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1. Dead of the Night

Dead of the Night

was bored xD.

2. Kings 17th Bday

Kings 17th Bday

how does it feel do be 17 man songlist at 200 views.

3. The routine

The routine

this was just a routine with ma friends in KHS.

4. Shuffle Battle : Vassel vs. Ecco

Shuffle Battle : Vassel vs. Ecco

so i asked ecco to battle me and he said sure xD Heres ecco's battle video :

5. Dj Vassel

Dj Vassel

quick shuffle.

6. Shuffle meet up 2013

Shuffle meet up 2013

Not really a meet up, but my friends were asking for me to record them :P.

7. Kingom Hearts 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer (REACTION!!)

Kingom Hearts 2.8 E3 2016 Trailer (REACTION!!)

I know, I know, ANOTHER reaction video.... but hey, even though I don't explain much, you can see the excitement and deep love that I have for the this game that has played a huge part in my...

8. Update on my channel ... and quite possibly my bright future :)

Update on my channel ... and quite possibly my bright future :)

hey guys, I know its been a while since I've posted a video, but hopefully this video explains what I've been up to and also some amazing stuff that's to come to this channel in the near future!...

9. Just a quick shuffle

Just a quick shuffle

just a quick shuffle.

10. Something Better Shuffle

Something Better Shuffle

just one of my many comebacks into my shuffling game.

11. Dj-Freak Talent show

Dj-Freak Talent show

i won the talent show it was 50 bucks and it was fun.

13. Melbourne Shuffle Compilation [FULL]

Melbourne Shuffle Compilation [FULL]

this is just a compilation i made a finally finished project.

14. Kingdom Hearts 3 [AMV]

Kingdom Hearts 3 [AMV]

I was bored watching the anime show Air Gear, and I'm a HUGE Kingdom Hearts fan, so when I was listening to this song, I was thinking about kingdom hearts and thought "how awesome would it...

15. Monday Challenge The Emotion

Monday Challenge  The Emotion

I hope I got the concept of the emotion challenge down, if not, then I'm sorry for whatever I didn't understand :(

16. My New gloves came in

My New gloves came in

just like my friends were asking once I got them :3.

17. Shuffle in the snow with dj vassel

18. Watch Vassel rage on assassins creed 2

19. My trip to Washington DC :)

My trip to Washington DC :)

just a random trip i took to DC with my classmates :)

20. Brothers United

Brothers United

this video shows two brothers and their bond of friendship thats wat the light was.