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1. Old People Talk Loud (Live) Lyrics

Old People Talk Loud (Live) Lyrics

Old people talk loud WHAT? Old people smell bad WHAT? Old people walk slow WHAT? Old people complain They wouldn't know their names it it weren't on the check, Tie up traffic in their Dodge Swingers,

2. New Year's Eve (Live) Lyrics

New Year's Eve (Live) Lyrics

Light went on but not in time - she's still dead Red lights pierced right through my mind - she's still dead I couldn't stop not in time - she's still dead Now she's dead, she's dead, she's dead Apol

3. Status Symbol (Live) Lyrics

Status Symbol (Live) Lyrics

Don't care about your diamond ring, Don't care about your mercedes-benz Don't care about your fur coat, Don't care about your big mansion I don't care how you spend your cash, One of these days you'll

4. Mischief Night Lyrics

Mischief Night Lyrics

Dozens of eggs, can of paint, Bar of soap and razon blades, Your pool's on fire, doors are nailed shut Windows all broke and your wires are cut. Flaming bag of dog shit on your stairs Ruin your fuz

5. Clean and Jerk (Live) Lyrics

Clean and Jerk (Live) Lyrics

Graduated high school, never touched a book Being the star athlete, was all it took Packed and left for college, never learned to read Got a football scholarship, that's all you'll ever need No more

6. House Husband (Live) Lyrics

House Husband (Live) Lyrics

Find a rich wife, Make her go to work, She'll bring home the bacon, I'll go on a diet, I'll stay home Clean the house I'll make lots of garbage She'll throw it out I'll cook dinner, watch TV Iron the

7. Suburbia (Live) Lyrics

Suburbia (Live) Lyrics

Houses are spread out too far Too many trees and too many cars Everyone works or everyone hides Too many birds in suburban skies Too many burnouts, too many jocks Middle class scumbags, think they're

8. Rock & Roll Gas Station (Live) Lyrics

Rock & Roll Gas Station (Live) Lyrics

Pump gas, kick ass Fix flats & smoke grass Rock & Roll Gas Station Rock & Roll Rock & Roll Gas Station Bang your head Tune up, smoke butts Mag wheels & high heels Hey dude, full 'er up man

9. Middle Aged Whore (Recorded in Our Underwear) Lyrics

Middle Aged Whore (Recorded in Our Underwear) Lyrics

Middle age whore I seen one in the store She's all fat and ugly Still dresses like she's twenty Middle age whore Her life is pretty boring Cheating on her husband Cause he's living at the office I se

10. American Dream (feat. Sonny Sandoval Of P.O.D.) Lyrics

American Dream (feat. Sonny Sandoval Of P.O.D.) Lyrics

I was just a boy when they told me What you gonna be and they sold me The American Dream for a small fee The price of my life and my own dreams What about a dream where the Kingdom comes Peace on the