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1. Tennis Star Court Draws Ire, Saying Tennis Is 'Full Of Lesbians'

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Tennis Star Court Draws Ire, Saying Tennis Is 'Full Of Lesbians'

Margaret Court -- who has won more tennis grand slams than anyone in history with 24 -- has stirred up yet more controversy by claiming that tennis is "full of lesbians." The Australian's remarks came less than a week after she said she would refuse to fly Australia's national airline Qantas because it supported same-sex marriage. In response to that, tennis legend Martina Navratilova -- who is openly gay -- said Margaret Court Arena at the Australian Open should be renamed.

2. Margaret Court, Voice of a Pulpit, Defends Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage -

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Margaret Court, Voice of a Pulpit, Defends Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage -

Margaret Court, Voice of a Pulpit, Defends Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage - By GIOVANNI TORREJUNE 5, 2017 PERTH, Australia — At the Victory Life Center, Margaret Court’s church in the Perth suburb of Osborne Park, a crowd was gathering for the second morning service on Sunday. In those comments, made to a Christian radio broadcaster, Ms. Court called homosexuality “a lust for the flesh” that would lead young people to “destroy their lives.” “I was 90 to 95 percent in the Spirit, but some of what I said was in the flesh, and I repented that,” she said on Sunday. We are not homophobic, and Pastor Margaret is not homophobic.” In her recent radio comments, Ms. Court also said that the numerous polls showing majority support in Australia for same-sex marriage were wrong. Then last month, Ms. Court doubled down, saying that “tennis is full of lesbians” and criticizing programs like Safe Schools, which is designed to combat homophobia, and the acceptance of transgender youth as “all the Devil.” “That’s what Hitler did and what Communism did: got the minds of the children,” she said. “She turned from a mildly lapsed Catholic to a born-again Pentecostal Christian who ultimately started the Victory Life Center.” “What is really fascinating to me is the very contemporary presentation,” he said.

3. In Stunning Turnaround, Marion Bartoli Says She’s Returning to Tour

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In Stunning Turnaround, Marion Bartoli Says She’s Returning to Tour

In Stunning Turnaround, Marion Bartoli Says She’s Returning to Tour I have pain everywhere after 45 minutes or an hour of play.” Though comebacks by Grand Slam champions in women’s tennis seem de rigueur — Kim Clijsters, Justine Henin, and Lindsay Davenport are recent examples — Bartoli was adamant in 2013 that she would not return. Donnez moi votre avis, retour ou pas au #tennis In her video announcement Tuesday and in an interview with Eurosport UK, Bartoli said she was particularly excited for the French Open, Fed Cup, Wimbledon and the Olympics. She also reached the semifinals at the French Open in 2011 and beat Serena Williams in the fourth round at Wimbledon later that year. She stunned the tennis world by retiring at 28, only a month after her Wimbledon title, tearfully saying she was done immediately after losing a second-round match in Cincinnati. Ranked 15th in 2013, Bartoli took advantage of a chaotic Wimbledon draw, never dropping a set in the seven matches she played against opponents ranked below her. “That was actually the last match of my career — sorry,” she said at the time, citing chronic pain as her reason for retiring. In 2016, after dropping to an alarmingly low weight, she said she had contracted a virus during a trip in February of that year that made processing food, as well as even touching certain things, difficult.

4. Reasons GODS NOT DEAD 2 Sucks!

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Reasons GODS NOT DEAD 2 Sucks!

Patreon: \rtwitter: @ralphsepe\r\rArmoured Skeptic: \rArticle: \r\rGods Not Dead 2 is a 2016 American Christian drama film directed by Harold Cronk and stars Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, David A. R. White, Hayley Orrantia, and Sadie Robertson. It is the sequel to the new film Gods Not Dead and was released on April 1, 2016. It was the final film role for Fred Thompson.\r\rHistory teacher Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart), a devout Christian, notices that one of her students, Brooke Thawley (Hayley Orrantia), is withdrawn following the recent death of her brother. Involved in little more than her studies, Brooke notices Graces hope-filled attitude, and asks where Grace finds her hope. Grace replies Jesus, and Brooke begins to read the Bible for herself. As Grace lectures on Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr., Brooke asks whether their peaceful teachings relate to the biblical account of the Sermon on the Mount. Grace responds in the affirmative, and quotes scripture. The other students begin texting their parents about the class, and the ensuing backlash draws the ire of Principal Kinney (Robin Givens). She reprimands Grace, saying that the teachers faith clouded her judgment. Grace is subsequently brought before the School Board, who inform her that legal ion will be taken against her as she has violated the separation of church and state. Graces case draws the attention of Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe), a charismatic defense attorney who is willing to aid her despite being an unbeliever himself.\r\rThe School Board brings Graces case before the Supreme Court, hoping to secure her termination and strip her of her teaching license unless she issues an apology, which Grace refuses to do. To Brookes horror, confident prosecutor Pete Kane (Ray Wise) declares that the lawsuit will prove once and for all that God is dead. His opening argument suggests that the society of the United States will crumble should Grace fail to be found guilty. Endler responds by stating that Grace was simply doing her job, and that the law separating church and state was written by Thomas Jefferson in an effort to protect the church, not persecute it. Kane builds a strong case against Brooke by bringing forward witnesses such as Kinney and Brookes parents, prompting Endler to rethink their defense. Meanwhile Brooke, who has developed a new found faith, stands in solidarity with her friends against Kinney. The defense is dealt another blow when their key juror, Pastor David Hill (David A.R. White), becomes ill. Christian apologist J. Warner Wallace is called as an expert witness, arguing that it is illogical to think that the gospel was a conspiracy because despite facing persecution and death, none of the Apostles ever retred the accounts of seeing the risen Jesus. Kane is floored to learn that Wallace was formerly an atheist who was converted to Christianity.\r\rBrooke voices her support of Grace, and is allowed as a witness. Kane is able to trick her into admitting that it was Grace and not Brooke who initiated their first conversation about Jesus. As Grace becomes more and more discouraged, Brooke and her friends sing her a song in an attempt to build up her spirits. Using a tic to position Grace as a hostile witness, Endler gets the judge to inform the jury not to let their bias or prejudices interfere with their verdict. The jury ultimately finds in favor of Grace, who rejoices along with Brooke and Endler as Kane stands humiliated.

5. Child Bride (1943) USA

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Child Bride (1943) USA

Child Bride, also known as Child Brides, Child Bride of the Ozarks, and Dust to Dust (USA reissue titles),[citation needed] is a 1943 American film directed by Harry Revier and produced by Raymond L. Friedgen. The film was promoted as educational and as an attempt to draw attention to the lack of laws banning child marriage in many states. The film is set in a remote town in the Ozarks. It was very controversial at the time both for its theme and because of a topless and nude swimming scene by then 12-year-old Shirley Mills. The film bypassed the ban of onscreen nudity under the Hays Code by being produced and distributed independently of the studio system, and by claiming to be educational. Although the film was banned in many areas, the movie's controversial nature gave it a certain infamy and it played on the so-called exploitation circuit for many years. The film was one of director Revier's last. He had previously made a series of low-budget, independent movies including The Lost City series and Lash of the Penitentes. According to an interview with Michael J. Nelson and Kevin Murphy of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fame, this movie was screened for the show, but it was considered too awful and disturbing by the crew, with Murphy saying that he needed "a good cry and a shower" after the film. In a separate interview with Frank Conniff, who selected films for the show, he cited it as the worst film he had watched as a potential selection for the show. Miss Carol (Diana Durrell) is an idealistic teacher in a remote one-room schoolhouse. A native of the Ozarks herself, she is determined to stop the practice of child marriage, in which older men marry teen or preteen girls. Her campaign raises the ire of some local men, led by Jake Bolby (Warner Richmond), who one night drag her into the woods and tie her to a tree, with the intention of tarring and feathering her. Before they can do this, however, Angelo the dwarf (Angelo Rossitto) and Mr. Colton (George Humphreys) arrive with a shotgun to save the day. Following this, Jake Bolby comes across young Jennie Colton (Shirley Mills) swimming naked. When her father dies, Bolby decides to take advantage of the opportunity to blackmail her mother into letting him marry the girl, threatening that otherwise he will see her hanged for murder. After he "courts" Jennie by giving her a doll, the two are married. It later turns out that this ceremony was illegal, as child marriage had been banned several days prior, but this point quickly becomes moot. Before Bolby can consummate the union, he is gunned down by Angelo. Jennie leaves his house with Freddie Nulty (Bob Bollinger). Cast: Shirley Mills as Jennie Colton Bob Bollinger as Freddie Nulty Angelo Rossitto as Angelo the dwarf Warner Richmond as Jake Bolby Diana Durrell as Miss Carol Dorothy Carrol as Flora Colton George Humphreys as Ira Colton

6. Donald trump Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace Grills Trump Over George W Bush Comments

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Donald trump Fox News Sunday. Chris Wallace Grills Trump Over George W Bush Comments

Fox News Sunday: Chris Wallace sits down with GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump for a 1-on-1 interview. Donald Trump "I’m not blaming George Bush. But I don’t want Jeb Bush to say my brother kept us safe..9/11 was one of the worst Trump on 9/11 "We lost 3,000 people, it was one of the greatest – probably the greatest catastrophe ever in this country" Donald Trump says that his immigration policies would have prevented the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks from taking place. “I’m so tough on illegal immigration, 9/11 wouldn’t have happened if I was president,” Trump said on “Fox News Sunday.” Donald Trump sat down with Chris Wallace on Fox New Sunday for a “huuuuuuuge” two-part interview. Not too long after, Wallace discussed the New York real estate mogul’s talking points (or lack thereof) with Washington Post opinion writer Charles Lane. His thoughts? “None of it made sense.” That’s one of the larger conclusions you can draw about the interview, especially since Trump didn’t adequately answer most of Wallace’s questions. Instead, he refused to give specific answers and emphasized his desire to remain “unpredictable” during the campaign. “Let’s do a lightening round. Quick questions, quick answers,” said Wallace. “Would you be willing to use the debt limit and risk the possibility of the country going into default to get more spending cuts?” “I would use the debt limit… I don’t want to say… I want to be unpredictable because we need unpredictability,” Trump rambled. “Everything is so predictable with our county.”The Republican front-runner has made criticisms of former President George W. Bush, brother of primary opponent Jeb Bush, a central part of his campaign strategy. “I’m not blaming George Bush,” Trump said. “But I don’t want Jeb to say 'my brother kept us safe.' ” “We lost 3,000 people, it as one of the greatest – probably the greatest catastrophe ever in this country,” Trump said.Fox News Sunday ‏ Donald Trump I’m not blaming anybody. But the World Trade Center came down. So when @JebBush said, we were safe, that’s not safe. #FNS Trump: "Eminent domain is something you need." Trump says he wants businesses to stay in the United States. "I don't want them to go to Mexico." Donald Trump "I’m cutting spending. But I may cut Department of Education. I believe common core is a very bad thing" DonaldTrump "We’re going to be cutting tremendous amounts of money and waste and fraud and abuse." es Fox News Sunday ‏Trump "The estate tax has been a disaster. First of all it’s double taxation, some people could even say it’s triple taxation." Trump: "There’s gridlock in Washington because there’s no leadership." Trump "Planned Parenthood should absolutely be defunded"Trump on the debt limit: "I want to be unpredictable, because, you know, we need unpredictability." Trump We have tremendous discontent in the country. #FNS for more from fox news sunday hit them up at folliow, watch videos show them support In a wide-ranging interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump claimed that the attack on 9/11 might never have happened had he been president at the time. After touching on multiple subjects including trade, loss of jobs, and scaling back government, Wallace asked Trump about his comments earlier in the week when he said, “the World Trade Center came down during [former president Bush’s] reign.” Trump’s comment drew the ire of Jeb Bush — brother of the ex-president George W. Bush — who called his comment “pathetic,” adding that his brother “kept America safe” after the attack. Trump took issue with Bush’s comments, saying, “Look, look, Jeb said we were safe with my brother. We we were safe. Well, the World Trade Center just fell down.”

7. Greeks, Croats preach gay tolerance

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Greeks, Croats preach gay tolerance

A Berlin choir opens Athens' gay pride parade with a musical ode to unity and acceptance. The "Love me it's free" theme plays on Greece's economic turmoil and draws thousands in the capital. (SOUNDBITE) (English) FILM MAKER SONIA KOULETI, SAYING: "The word lesbian comes from the island of Lesbos. We had homosexuality in the ancient times and it's ironic that we still have homophobia in Greece." A similar event in Croatia brings out several government officials, including foreign affairs minister Vesna Pusic. (SOUNDBITE) (English) CROATIAN MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS, VESNA PUSIC, SAYING: "We came to say very clearly that we will not allow violence, that we will not allow discrimination against anybody, whether it is based on race, ethnicity, gender or choice of lifestyle." Police outnumbered activists to prevent anti-gay protesters from disrupting the march in the city of Split after angry residents last year pelted the parade with eggs and rocks. Some see the event as a test of the country's human rights credentials ahead of its scheduled entry to the EU next year. Lindsey Parietti, Reuters

8. Mixed Doubles C Div - Finals (Consolation) - The Peach Tennis Tournament (Live streaming gay sports)

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Mixed Doubles C Div - Finals (Consolation) - The Peach Tennis Tournament (Live streaming gay sports)

Michelle Heinzen and Jason Eric Johnson win 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 against Gary Revnille & Tania Kane in a great mixed doubles match in the consolation bracket draw for "C" Division, Mixed Doubles. This video is the LIVE broadcast of that match by the CCE Sports Network - the NEW live internet streaming project to promote and showcase the gay and lesbian athlete. Our goal is to travel the country showing a variety of sports by LGBT athletes and reduce homophobia and uplift pride within the community. Tennis is our debut sport in 2012. In 2013, we hope to add flag football, volleyball and basketball to our broadcast schedule. To learn more about this history making project for the gay and lesbian sports community, visit our website at: Thank you for your support!!

9. Serena Williams Says That Women Deserve Equal Pay

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Serena Williams Says That Women Deserve Equal Pay

Serena Williams recent victory at Wimbledon somehow became another excuse to talk about equal prize money. A reporters attempt to draw Williams' into a conversation was met with a sigh and an exasperated reply from the tennis star. She placed her palms flat down on the table saying, “If you happen to write a short article, you think you don’t deserve equal pay?” Pushed again she said: “I’ve been working at this since I was three years old. Actually, maybe younger,.

10. How to draw Shopkins season 4 | Sally Scent | The Limited Edition!!!!

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How to draw Shopkins season 4 | Sally Scent | The Limited Edition!!!!

S H O P K I N S G I V E A W A Y CLICK HERE: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE GIANT SURPRISE EGGS: ... Cheeky Cherries are common Fruit & Veg from Shopkins season 4 I founded them in Cookieswirl c channel ( the review of shopkins season 4 ) .I'm so excited ... This video we are proud to present you How to draw Dennis Ball in very easy way. Dennis Ball is a Tennis ball with shimmer finishing ,He or She is an ultra rare ... Sally Scent Shopkins Season 4 Giant Play Doh Surprise Egg Limited Edition Hunt Today, we will be opening a GIANT PLAY DOH SURPRISE EGG with Sally ... Shopkins Season 4 Limited Edition Sally Scent Drawing - NEW Shopkins speed drawing, Shopkins Season 4 Limited Edition! Now that Season 4 Shopkins is ... This video we will show you how to draw Bone Abette .Bone Abette is Petkins the special edition from Shopkins season 4 .He is the bone with the dog face , so ... Hello Friends! Learn how to draw and color Limited Edition Sally Scent from Shopkins season 4 by Moose Toys with Water paint and markers from Crayola. Shopkins Drawing: Limited Edition Cupcake Queen (Season 1 Shopkins) speed drawing, Shopkins Season 1! - It's a little fast for a how to draw video because it ... Just saying that I wasn't "excited" because I'm a really calm person when I make videos. I will be opening 10 Shopkins season 3 characters! Will I get limited editions or ultra rares this time? Watch the video and see what I get. Shopkins season 4 will ... This video we will show you How to draw Miss Pressy. Miss press is common party time team from Shopkins season 4. She is a purple present with pink ribbon ... This video we will show you How to draw Dolly Donut in easy way .Dolly donut is rare Bakery from Shopkins season 4. Hope you enjoy the video ... Today I show you how to make these awesome DIY Shopkins Phone cases! I make a DIY Shopkins Shoppies one from old Shopkins Shoppies cut outs and pink ... Shopkins Season 4 Drawing: Bobbi Bauble speed drawing, Shopkins Season 4 challenge! We decided to create another Shopkin that we would like to see in ... Sally Scent is a limited edition from Shopkins season 4 !!! She's super super cute and very easy to draw. Hope you enjoy the videos :D :D ... I opened up Shopkins Fashion Spree blind bag today and also season 4 shopkins blind bag. Do we get a limited edition in these blind baskets?? Product Info: ... Hi, Paul and Shannon here and we love to open and review all kinds of kids surprise blind bag toys on our cha How to draw Shopkins season 4 | Sally Scent | The Limited Edition!!!! How to draw Shopkins season 4 | Sally Scent | The Limited Edition!!!!

11. Police break up gay rally in Moscow

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Police break up gay rally in Moscow

Two opposing protesters scuffle outside Moscow's Parliament. An unsanctioned gay rally against discrimination prompts anger from the Orthodox opponents who call on police to arrest gay activists. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) ORTHODOX ACTIVIST AND ANTI-GAY PROTESTER DMITRY SAYING: "I am for human rights, I am for the main human right, the right to live, and I will not allow the perverts to draw God's wrath on our city. I want my children to live in a country where nobody at their school preaches the sin which terribly distorts the human nature." Gay activists are protesting against recent legislation which bans spreading so-called gay propaganda among minors. The Russian gay and lesbian community says the law is nothing but an attempt to restrict their freedom of expression. (SOUNDBITE) (Russian) LGBT ACTIVIST GALINA KAPTUR SAYING: "(I'm here) to support sex minorities, because they are deprived of their rights anyway, they are banned to do anything, they are being sacked from their jobs, nobody wants to employ them, the society is furious like a beast." The law has been criticised for lack of clarity which allows too much room for misinterpretation by police. Several cities across Russia have already passed the law. A similar bill is now under consideration in the lower house of parliament, and, If adopted, will be applied throughout the country. Lindsey Parietti, Reuters

12. Dance Challenge Διασ Moonwalking

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Dance Challenge Διασ Moonwalking

With every breathe I continue to draw. I get the total opposite. So many men have called me derogatory terms for lesbian because aside from my physique and makeup (when I wear it) I prefer a more androgynous look. Jeans, band or superhero tee, canvas sneakers and old black hoodies that both my fiance and I wear. I keep my hair short and rarely wear jewelry aside from my engagement ring around my neck. As a Canadian if someone orders a bloody Mary they're probably an American or a vegan. We drink Caesars which are made with clamato juice and make bloody Mary's taste like bland tomato water. Fire!, that's not going to work. My VHS copy is damaged through overwatch :-( Well, specifically The part when Ripley gets into the suit. This is the point,-i.e.that Rorty is a Pragmatist (something which noone seems to ave mentioned.Something like science can WORK but not have any ultimate truth claim.This is similar to Fishes comment on Austin;all knowledge is mrly institutional. Although of course thre are different forms of relativism,many like Betrand Russell and karl Popper saw these -moral,scientific,intellectual etc-as tending to be insidious as a whole,and I tend to agree with this. Now however,they seem to have become the norm across so many subjects,and infect most University departments,certainly in the Humanities. Primus sucks "Don't assume. Assuming makes an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'." We all have to make some assumptions, otherwise the above statement couldn't be true, since it's an assumption as well. Just be careful to not assume too much without good reasons to do so. But the cause of the issue wasn't layout. It was because the Touch IC chip was missing some superglue-like material that could keep it from flexing. Right well I'm advocating a hundred bucks or two on headphones. Pretty outlandish to compare to a porsch. Some guy at the zoo and Janet Jackson Nip Slip. Why would he want to access it while Dumbledore lives? Maybe I'm in the minority, but I thought 'It Follows' a) wasn't scary at all and b) was an altogether poorly done film. The pacing wasn't very good, the plot had gaping holes, the creature didn't seem to follow any kind of consistent rules, the acting was just dreadful from most the actors and everyone fell all over themselves sing its praises. It wasn't scary enough to be horror but it wasn't well acted enough to be drama, I got more out of a schlocky, predictable film like 'Sinister 2' (which was chock full of clichés and horror gimmicks, but managed through good pacing to actually build dramatic tension) than the predictable jump scares in 'It Follows' (cough more like 'Shit Follows' amirite?) Too soon. "They killed our dictator and ultimately freed us! SUE THEM." oh god... So it's not just right or wrong? It has absolutely nothing to do with right or wrong. It's all wrong. Nobody is saying otherwise. As for the rest of your comment, you're still asking for catch-all answers to cover every situation. They don't exist. Every situation is unique, and requires its own evaluation. What part of that do you not understand? I expected more! Different striation, same geological formation. how many eggs did he steal? After you mentioned this I re-watched the gif and every single person around that kid mean-mugs the shit out of him after he gets the second ball. Pretty hilarious! I would call that 4 rolls and it could easily be 130, it's mostly veggies and the rice paper is really thin. Maybe after I take it out to dinner first, maybe a nice theatre event, and I'd call it afterwards, of course. Dann. They should probably figure it out before space tourism becomes huge Alien is one of those movies I wish I could have been in the premiering theatre for. I can only imagine it was an incredible experience going in blind.