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1. Rogue and Gambit See you Again

Rogue and Gambit See you Again

No story just a short video.

2. Haunted Evanscence Lyrics

Haunted Evanscence Lyrics

Just the Lyrics of the song Haunted by Evanscence from the album Fallen.

3. Miss Murder lyrics A.F.I

Miss Murder lyrics A.F.I

I do not own "Miss Murder" or A.F.I..

4. You Dont belong ~PREVIEW~

You Dont belong ~PREVIEW~

Just seeing if anyone want to see the complete version of the whole video. I guess there's a story in the video: Gambit is noticing that Rogue doesn't belong to him when he caught her lying...

5. Kid Flash (Wally) x Jinx Thnks fr th mmrs

Kid Flash (Wally) x Jinx Thnks fr th mmrs

I did not try to make it look good i just decide to throw one episode that haves Kid Flash and Jinx moments and also throw in this song. Hope you like.

6. I'm Coming Home // Kirk/Spock

I'm Coming Home // Kirk/Spock

Fandom: Star Trek Pairing: Spock + Kirk Song: I´m Coming Home by Diddy Dirty Money feat. Skylar Grey. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

7. RoguexGambit Apologize

RoguexGambit Apologize

Story: Rogue ends up caught Gambit cheating on her.(beginning of video) Rogue remembers the time she had with Gambit before she caught him cheating. Gambit keeps trying to have Rogue touch...

8. xX Kurt's Song {Kurt/Blaine} Xx

xX Kurt's Song {Kurt/Blaine} Xx

I DO NOT OWN GLEE IT'S OWNED BY FOX AND I DON'T OWN THE SONG. .: PLEASE READ :. Story: Kurt Hummel haves feelings for his new friend Blaine. Who happens to be gay. Kurt who thinks it's impossible...

9. The Avatar Kids Aren't Alright

The Avatar Kids Aren't Alright

Here's one of my videos i send i will make and i hope youtube doesn't take this song out. And by the way youtube I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG AT ALL OR AVATAR!!!!! Please rate and comment and this...

10. Kirk/Spock // Shattered

Kirk/Spock // Shattered

Kirk loses the most important thing in his life which is Spock. Kirk continues to live on as he regrets for not being able to save his friend and also never telling him that he was in love...

11. Auditions for VivaRockProductions

Auditions for VivaRockProductions

I know i have a high pitch voice doing Neji. but please if your reading this VivaRockProductions please give me a chance to be on the group.

12. Terra and Robin Tribute

Terra and Robin Tribute

This is not a pairing. Well I was trying to make it a pairing but the video went in a different direction. So it's pretty much a tribute to them and when they were working under Slade. Their...

13. D.N.Angel Chatroom #1

D.N.Angel Chatroom #1

Daisuke's girl:Riku Confuse love:Risa Riku's Man:Daisuke In love:Satoshi Girl Stealer:dark Miuuu:Wiz/With This is just a random thing i can up with . In the Story Satoshi haves feelings...

14. Can't Touch Sokka

Can't Touch Sokka

Here's for the fan girls of Sokka ^_^

15. Remy and Rogue

Remy and Rogue

just a song from a soundtrack with the orchestra playing.

16. Can't Touch Zuko

Can't Touch Zuko

Here's a Zuko tribute. The song is called Can't Touch this. It's a different verison of Can't Touch this (Family guy verison) Please comment and rate thanks.

17. If Zuko was gay

If Zuko was gay

here's a random amv i decide to do so please dont call me stupid and if u like it please leave a comment.

18. If U Seek Luna Lovegood

If U Seek Luna Lovegood

Just a little video I made really late at night and decided that I should at least make a new video for my favorite female characters of Harry Potter. No story, also I have barely any clips...

19. Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Avatar

Pretty Fly for a White Guy - Avatar

Youtube i do not own Avatar or this song or the band. And btw sorry for clips i didn't have many talking parts of the clips some got multiply in this video. And this is just a gift for my dad...

20. D.N.Angel Chatroom #3

D.N.Angel Chatroom #3

Please vote who you want Risa to date Dark or Satoshi.