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1. Lesbian Vampire Killers | Tracey Wigginton Documentary

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  • Channel: tv
Lesbian Vampire Killers | Tracey Wigginton Documentary

Tracey Wigginton (born 1965), known as the Lesbian Vampire Killer, is an Australian murderer who achieved notoriety for killing a man in 1989, supposedly to

2. Crimes And Trials - "Brisbane’s Killer Vimpires"

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Crimes And Trials -

Crimes And Trials - "Brisbane’s Vampire Killers" --- Uploader: forthedishwasher --- It was one of the most bizarre and shocking crimes in Australian history. In 1989, Tracey Wigginton and her lesbian lovers stood accused of killing a Brisbane man and drinking his blood. The ensuing trial was one of the most sensational ever to hit the nation.

3. Tracey Wigginton I am a vampire

  • Duration: 1844
  • Channel: school
Tracey Wigginton I am a vampire

On the evening of October 20, 1989 a middle-aged council worker, Edward Baldock 47, was on his way home from drinking with his mates, when he was approached by a vehicle with 4 women inside, Tracey Wigginton and lesbian lover Lisa Ptaschinski along with 2 female friends, Kim Jervis and Tracey Waugh. Taking advantage of the state of his intoxication, one of the women, lured him into their car. They proceeded to drive to a park on the Brisbane River near the South Brisbane Sailing Club at West End. It was at this location one of the women namely Tracey Wigginton, enticed the man from the vehicle with the promise of sexual favors. Instead what followed was a gruesome attack that left the man with so many stab wounds to the back and chest, he was virtually decapitated. The crime was not over until Wigginton drank his blood. His body was discovered early next morning by members of the public. Found in one of the victims shoes was a cash card bearing the name of Tracey Wigginton. This led to the early arrest of all four women. During the trial, Tracey Wigginton, a self confessed female vampire, told the jury she did not live on solid food but that of pigs and cows blood which she obtained from the local butcher. On quite a number of occasions Wiggintons lover Lisa Ptaschinski said she would slit her wrists so that Wigginton could drink her blood. Based on her obsession for human blood, all 4 women schemed up a plan to kill an innocent victim in order for Tracey Wigginton to have her craving of blood satisfied. It was this information elicited by police as well as their confessions in the interest of the occult and vampires which led to this homicide being referred to as “The Vampire Murder”. The Verdict Tracey Wigginton and lover Lisa Ptaschinski were both sentenced to life imprisonment. The other 2 women involved Kim Jervis was sentenced to 18 years jail for manslaughter later reduced to 12 years, and Tracey Waugh was acquitted after her defense barrister argued she had played no active role in the murder and had tried to stop Jervis from taking part. Release Tracey Wigginton was released from the low-security Numinbah prison farm at 6.30am on Tuesday 11th January 2012. According to a spokesman for the Department of Corrective Services, she was then taken to private accommodation. Conditions of her parole, is that she make no contact with any of her co-offenders or the victim’s family. She is also prohibited in any way of making financial gain by selling her story to any media organisations.