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1. Lesbian Tory MP voices support for same-sex marriage

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Lesbian Tory MP voices support for same-sex marriage

Margot James, the first openly lesbian woman to be a Conservative MP, says Britain still has a long way to go on equality. Report by Fudgea. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

2. 'They should be harsh berserk MAD!' Nick Ferrari condemn UK's £13.5bn overseas aid plans

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'They should be harsh berserk MAD!' Nick Ferrari condemn UK's £13.5bn overseas aid plans

00Fast News, Latest News, Breaking News, Today News, Live News. Please Subscribe! 'They should be harsh berserk MAD!' Nick Ferrari condemn UK's £13.5bn overseas aid plans NICK FERRARI savaged Internationwide Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt's overseas aid plans afterwards she claimed the killing determination carry out Britain "also wealthy". Mr Ferrari castigate the Internationwide Development Secretary’s “harsh berserk mad” reason for the developing £13.5billions overseas aid calculate because the NHS is going on underfunded. Ms Mordaunt elucidated her reasons for the £13.5billions overseas aid calculate, claiming it determination carry out ”Britain also wealthy” and "alleviate push at the NHS".Speaking on his LBC get, Mr Ferrari spoken: ”Unsecondary they're going to say that after the contracts are stand out and the rustic is stabilised and starts architecture anew after which Britain gets all of the act? I do not know nearby which."And again it alleviated push at the NHS.  “Is she formulation the purpose which in case you carry out a usa settle? Pick Eritrea, their everyone is secondary more likely to run moiety the manner world wide to get present? That's proven to not be true."People are eager to get present. That's why Calais is reforming at the same time as we tell plus the particular inferior group. You don't have anything but empathy for conservatives, who to find conservativesselves cover a flat pick up in Calais for the sake of they're eager to show the United Kingdom. It's not alleviating push."How do the particular folks come the particular positions? They should be harsh berserk mad."The Internationwide Development Secretary spoken it's miles in Britain’s “nationwide importance” to kill gobs on overseas aid.  Ms Mordaunt discovered she supports the 0.7 fee objective on aid killing and claims it's miles a “mirrored image of us as a giving, approachable and sage nation”.Britain determination cut overseas aid to wealthier “middle-inrun countries” in the event that they drop to “work honesty” and lend a hand their very own folks, The Internationwide Development Secretary register The Telegraph. She again spoken the United Kingdom determination bring to a halt aid to countries and that don't put money into services and products for the good thing about their folks.The UK gave £1.5 billions of its aid calculate to “middle-inrun countries” in 2016, plus Pakistan, Nigeria and Jordan because the biggest beneficiaries. Nearly £100 total in aid require to India however the damage has shortened moderately because the Government guaranteed to stage “long-established appropriation” to the rustic.Another £46 total require to China, notwithstanding it soul pegged afterlife the world’s biggest economy. Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg granted a Daily Express seek to Downing Street on Thursday afterwards also than 100,000 readers demanded Britain’s overseas aid calculate is cut.The Conservative MP told reporters: “It was a seek of Daily Express readers who desire to make sure the overseas aid calculate is correctly used and aren't in favour – as I’m not in favour – of one's 0.7 fee objective.” 00FastNews. Please Subscribe! ►► Like and share more news! ►► Subscribe to My Channel! ►► See you in the next news! Goodbye! ►► Follow Me: Created By 00Fast News PLAYLISTS: Breaking News: Popular News: 00Fast News: Latest News: All News: RANDOM NEWS: UK snowstorm MAP: Weather portend shows just after and situation snowstorm passion trash UK THIS ...: Theresa May motivated to REJECT Brussels' demands for curbs on post-Brexit traffic deals: Meghan Markle and Harry marriage: Bride ministering ‘czar homeworks’ on Queen's convention: 'How does EU beating hand over us MORE POWER?' Brexiteer brightly TAKES APART Remain MP: Jacob Rees-Mogg for PM? Brexiteer tipped to take over Theresa May at No10 by German television: Thank you for watching!

3. Gay marriage legalized in New Zealand

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Gay marriage legalized in New Zealand

(ROUGH CUT - NO REPORTER NARRATION) STORY: New Zealand on Wednesday (April 17) became the first country in the Asia Pacific region to legalize same sex marriages after its parliament voted overwhelmingly to extend gay and lesbian couples the right to tie the knot. Seventy-seven of 121 members of parliament voted in favour of amending the current 1955 Marriage Act to allow same sex couples to marry. "The Aye's are 77 and the No's are 44," announced the speaker. Cheers and applause erupted in the parliamentary public gallery when the vote count was announced. "Yay, we did it," said Louisa Wall, the openly gay opposition Labour Party MP who promoted the bill. "I have longed for this for a very, very long time. my only sadness is that both of my parents have now passed and it would have been such a huge joy to have them at my wedding," said openly gay Green's MP Kevin Hague, who has been with his partner for nearly 20 years, local media reported. T

4. News Bulletin 24 February 2012 -- The Christian Institute

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News Bulletin 24 February 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Lord Carey, has spoken of his unwavering support for marriage at the launch of new campaign group, Coalition for Marriage -- There is an online petition the public can sign, to support the current definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman -- David Burrows MP has revealed he received a death threat and hate mail after speaking out in support of traditional marriage -- Former Tory MP, Matthew Parris, has suggested that the word 'marriage' should be completely removed from legal language -- Christopher Biggins told ITV daytime show 'Loose Women', that he thought that 'marriage' should be reserved for a man and a woman -- Local Government Minister, Eric Pickles, has written to every local council in England, telling them that new laws 'restore' their power to hold prayers at official meetings -- Women are being granted abortions after telling doctors their baby is the 'wrong sex' -- Former world boxing champion speaks about his faith.

5. Diane Abbott reveals plan to frustrate Brexit after BBC host mocks Remainer demands

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Diane Abbott reveals plan to frustrate Brexit after BBC host mocks Remainer demands

00Fast News, Latest News, Breaking News, Today News, Live News. Please Subscribe! Diane Abbott reveals plan to frustrate Brexit after BBC host mocks Remainer demands DIANE ABBOTT expressed her determination to sabotage Brexit and take the country on a new course to leave the European Union during a live BBC show. The shadow home secretary dismissed radio host Jonathan Dimbleby’s mocking of calls for a second Brexit referendum as he read out a listener’s tweet.Ms Abbott instead called for the public to “get rid” of the Tories and let Labour take the UK down its Brexit path instead.Speaking on Any Questions? on BBC Radio 4, Mr Dimbleby said: “Masses of tweets here. Here’s one, ‘we should have a referendum, about having a referendum on a transitional deal before a referendum on a final deal.’“I think we can move on from there. Do you really want to come in Diane?” Ms Abbott took the opportunity to put the Labour party forward for the job of leaving the European Union.Labour have been torn on whether to remain a member of the single market or not with leading politicians giving conflicting answers to the media.Senior party MP Chuka Umunna broke ranks and attempted to amend Theresa May’s Queen’s Speech to lock Britain into the EU’s single market.Ms Abbott said: “There is a way to get a very different type of Brexit and that is to get rid of the Tories and elect a Labour government.” Earlier on the show, the MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington was criticised for making a “cheap shot” after criticising Mrs May’s Brexit speech in Florence.She accused the Prime Minister’s Florence speech on Friday of lacking depth.But commentator Charles Moore accused the Labour frontbencher of making a low blow.The Prime Minister called for a bold and creative agreement to be reached with the European Union, insisting “Britain’s future is bright” after Brexit.She also set out a new immigration system, which will be implemented during the two-year transitional phase as the UK quits the EU.. 00FastNews. Please Subscribe! ►► Like and share more news! ►► Subscribe to My Channel! ►► See you in the next news! Goodbye! ►► Follow Me: Created By 00Fast News PLAYLISTS: Breaking News: Popular News: 00Fast News: Latest News: All News: RANDOM NEWS: COME BACK FARAGE: Ukip colleagues demand ex-leader returns to halt 'May's Brexit Betrayal’: End of world? Spaceship flies by Earth chasing 'threatening' asteroid amid Doomsday fears: 'Fought tooth and nail against EU' IDS praises Theresa May as he declares UK finally free: Who is the AfD’s Alice Weidel? Far-right lesbian mother tries to bring down Angela Merkel: Paris university students spark terror alert in sick PRANK for ‘initiation ceremony’: Thank you for watching!

6. PMQs LIVE: 'You have something Appropriate for once' Lodge emits at May's burrow at Corbyn

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PMQs LIVE: 'You have something Appropriate for once' Lodge emits at May's burrow at Corbyn

00Fast News, Latest News, Breaking News, Today News, Live News. Please Subscribe! PMQs LIVE: 'You have something Appropriate for once' Lodge emits at May's burrow at Corbyn THE Place of House ejected today when Theresa May scorned Jeremy Corbyn telling the Work pioneer he "had figured out how to get something ideal" amid this present evening's PM's Inquiries. The confrontation comes after the previous evening's pivotal vote to move EU law into the residential statute book uncovered striking divisions in both the Work Gathering and Mrs May's decision Tory party. But the executive was on great frame as she propelled a savage assault on Mr Corbyn who she guaranteed had "conveyed stagnation to the country". She stated: "Work have backtracked on Brexit, they've backpedaled on their guarantees of understudy obligations and they would cause and lose control of open finances. "He may have offered force to his gathering, yet he conveys stagnation to the nation," to cheers from her benches. Labour pioneer Mr Corbyn the previous evening endured his own backbench insubordination after 19 MPs challenged him over the Brexit vote in the Commons.While no less than 15 Tory MPs have reported their aims to vote with Work against locking the Brexit date into law. See beneath for live scope of the present PMQs as it happened... 12:56pm: John Noble MP asked Mrs May to "overlook the siren, pessimist voices" in "planning to grasp the world with regards to exchange with World Exchange Association rules". Mrs May stated: "We need to arrange a decent, close organization with the EU 27. She said the open doors for abroad exchange would signify "greater thriving and more occupations here in the UK".12:53pm: Lucy Powell, MP for Manchester Focal, said it had been a half year since the   Manchester dread assault which killed 22 people.She said the city had caused £17million in costs connect with the assault and requested a "reasonable and categoric responsibility" for the beforehand guaranteed refund. Mrs May said the "lion's share of assets would be made accessible by next week". 12:50pm: Labour's Angela Hawk said not long ago Mrs May asserted she was the main individual who could give a solid and stable administration, yet asked her, why is she crumbling?Mrs May hit back disclosing to her she was an individual from a gathering that can't occasion choose what it needs from Brexit. 12:48pm: Charlie Elphicke, MP for Dover and Arrangement said his voting demographic was on the "forefront" for organizations getting ready to leave the EU.He requested a dedication of £1billion to be put aside to get ready for Brexit.Mrs May stated: "We have effectively made assets accessible for the arrangements and work.""We trust we will get that great arrangement and we're attempting to get that great deal."12:44pm: Tory MP Paul Masterton alluded to a rough assault in 2016 executed by a Romanian man.He asked: "Can the PM clarify what the Legislature is doing to stop perilous people entering the country?"He requested affirmations Brexit would not bring about the debilitating in security participation with the EU.Mrs May stated: "I'm evident that we need to keep up that collaboration on security and on criminal equity and law authorization matters."It's essential to us all.12:40pm: The PM has been tested over what she will do about speculated Russia obstruction, after Boris Johnson said there was no proof of Russian intruding in the elections.But Mrs May herself cautioned Russia it would not escape with impedance on Monday. She stated: "It's all extremely well for Work individuals indicating the outside secretary about what he said. "But in my discourse I made a particular purpose of giving cases of Russia impedance and they were not in the UK."   12:34pm: Mrs May has been made a request to shield the NHS and would the PM consider making NHS-prepared specialists focus on five years in the NHS to battle the "mind deplete" out of the service. Mrs May said Wellbeing Instruction Britain was looking in to the issue and will report back next year.12:31pm: The PM has been inquired as to whether she belives it is vital for MPs to scrutine the EU withdrawal bill. She stated: "We will leave the EU on 29 Walk 2019, there is an enthusiastic open deliberation going on and the truth is out and proper. "There are solid perspectives hung on the two sides of this house."We are tuning in to commitments being made and listening deliberately to the individuals who wish to enhance the Bill. "I trust we can come all together on the choice that the nation took to leave the EU." 12:28pm: SNP Ian Blackford has told Mrs May that the Scottish fire and police administrations are the main ones in the UK that compensation VAT. He asks: Will the UK Government now give the £140m back and scrap the VAT? This has been a long standing SNP battle and we won't give up."The PM said she would investigate this and emphasized that when an administration is made nat

7. 'Project Fear is back!' Seething Farage launches savage attack on BBC's 'anti-Brexit bias'

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'Project Fear is back!' Seething Farage launches savage attack on BBC's 'anti-Brexit bias'

'Project Fear is back!' Seething Farage launches savage attack on BBC's 'anti-Brexit bias' NIGEL FARAGE has hit out at the BBC’s “biased” coverage of Brexit in a passionate outburst on his radio show, insisting “Project Fear is back”. The former Ukip leader took to his LBC show to blast the broadcaster and its Radio 4 Today programme, claiming it did not give enough air time to pro-Brexit experts.The frustrated MEP fired at the daily anti-Brexit “diet” on offer to viewers and listeners.He said: “I see Project Fear back, absolutely on full track and it’s being aided by its friends in the liberal media.“Yes I sounded like Donald Trump for a moment there but yes the BBC’s Today programme, it’s a great programme, it’s been around for decades, it’s got a big audience. “D’you know, since Brexit there have been three times the number of pro-Remain contributors to the business slot than there have been Leave supporting experts.“And you get this diet and that’s from independent research, you get this diet every single day – ‘Brexit is going to be a disaster’.”He branded “bias” in the BBC’s coverage of the EU divorce “blatant” in a tweet shortly after the programme.He wrote: “The liberal media are bringing Project Fear back. I am sick to death of the blatant anti-Brexit bias carried out by the BBC.” The comments come after a fellow prominent Brexiteer, Jacob Rees-Mogg, said the BBC could not accept that the Leave campaign won.The Tory MP told “Bear in mind the BBC is essentially a London broadcaster, it has all the views and prejudices of people living in London with a left-wing bias towards it.“That’s their own personal views which they’re entitled to.“In the Brexit campaign the BBC really did well to overcome that but they were so shocked at the loss, they were so confident that their own virtuous views would prevail and that people like us, the Daily Express contingent as you might like to call us, were so antediluvian that we couldn’t possibly win.“So when they lost, they were horrified and they were desperately upset by this and they haven’t recovered from that and so every negative aspect they can put on Brexit they put with glee when in fact things have gone really well.”However, the BBC rejected the criticism, insisting it covered Brexit "impartially".A spokesperson said: “The BBC is based around the country and we are covering Brexit developments impartially examining all the arguments with a wide range of voices from across the political spectrum and the UK.”. 00FastNews. New source of news. ►► Like and share more news! ►► Subscribe to My Channel! ►► See you in the next news! Goodbye! ►► Follow Me: https:/ https:/ Created By 00Fast News 'Project,Fear,is,back!',Seething,Farage,launches,savage,attack,on

8. Tories at war over Brexit: MP desperately denies divisions and Boris Johnson leader bid

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Tories at war over Brexit: MP desperately denies divisions and Boris Johnson leader bid

00Fast News, Latest News, Breaking News, Today News, Live News. Please Subscribe! Tories at war over Brexit: MP desperately denies divisions and Boris Johnson leader bid A CONSERVATIVE MP sounded like a broken record as he repeatedly denied Boris Johnson's alleged leader bid among party divisions, saying he is just "talking about what possibilities there may be post-Brexit”. “And he’s now talking about the opportunities there are in that Brexit process and that’s got to be a role he will perform as Foreign Secretary.”Newsnight presenter Evan Davis said: “But why is Boris Johnson talking about corporation tax reform, or health spending and scientific research? That doesn’t feel like a thing a foreign secretary would normally do.”Dr Poulter replied: “He’s outlined what the potential possibilities will be from Brexit and he was one of the main voices in the Leave campaign and one of their mantras was ‘taking back control’.“So he’s talking about what possibilities there may be.” When asked if it was beyond Mr Johnson’s remit to talk about corporation tax or health spending in the article, Dr Pouter responded again that the Foreign Secretary was “talking about what possibilities there may be after Brexit”.Mr Davis laughed and added: “You are making a really sterling effort here Dan. It is obvious something is up. They are not agreed on what kind of Brexit we’re going for, that’s why Boris wrote the article.“He wanted to put a marker down for his vision of Brexit and we are paralysed by the fact that Theresa May is strong enough to say ‘this is what we’re doing’because she is scared of the wings of her Party.”Dr Poulter replied: “Well no, Boris has said today that he backs Theresa May leading the negotiations, but at the same time it’s perfectly legitimate to talk about what some of the opportunities may be coming up." Speaking after Newnight, Dr Poulter tweeted: “Although to be clear I fully endorse Theresa May as our current Prime Minister.”It comes as Mrs May said in a speech in Canada that: “The UK Government is driven from the front and we all have the same destination in our sights.”She also said that “Boris is Boris”, which has been seen as a slap down.Six months into the Brexit formalities, the Conservatives are accused of making an almighty mess of the process. Times Journalist Jenni Russel, also appearing on Newsnight, was asked if the Conservatives started the process of leaving the EU without being ready.She replied: “Yes, the whole reason we are having this disastrous public row at the moment is because the cabinet has not had formal discussions about what Brexit means.“Brexit is locked away in Theresa May’s head and Boris is desperately trying to influence it.“He cannot do it from the inside because no one is talking to him so he is trying to do it from the outside. “But the real problem here is that Britain still doesn’t know what it wants - it’s a catastrophe.”But Brexiteer and LBC host Iain Dale responded: “Well, Britain does know what it wants. You look at all the polls and it shows that 75 per cent of people whether they voted Remain or not wants the Government to get on with Brexit."I don’t know where you have been in the last few months, Jenni. They have released more detailed papers than expected on their strategy, so I think we’re quite clear on our strategy.”. 00FastNews. Please Subscribe! ►► Like and share more news! ►► Subscribe to My Channel! ►► See you in the next news! Goodbye! ►► Follow Me: Created By 00Fast News PLAYLISTS: Breaking News: Popular News: 00Fast News: Latest News: All News: RANDOM NEWS: End of The World: Brazilian senator claims Nasa told him Planet X WILL crash into Earth: Will Scottish Tories cosy up to Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP in FIGHTING Brexit this week?: “Pompous, self-important and overpaid:” Vince Cable slaps down Jean Claude-Juncker: World War 3: US strategy to take on North Korea revealed as Trump readies 'strike group': Police to work with ‘paedophile hunters’ to snare perverts as use of their evidence soars: Thank you for watching!

9. Tory MP urges government to temporarily ban bouncy castles

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Tory MP urges government to temporarily ban bouncy castles

Tory MP Robert Halfon urges the government to change bouncy castle regulations following the death of a child on Sunday in Norfolk. Report by Gyanen. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

10. Committee to study asylum seekers issue after opposition pressure

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Committee to study asylum seekers issue after opposition pressure

The Liberal government has agreed to an urgent study of the issue of asylum seekers crossing into Canada after opposition party pressure. Tory MP Michelle Rempel says she wants to know more about federal plans to deal with the influx.

11. Locals furious over Tory election posters put up in a village field.

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Locals furious over Tory election posters put up in a village field.

Police were forced to wade into a stand off between a Tory MP's campaigner and furious locals - over Tory election posters put up in a village field. Adam Morres, 36, accused the volunteer for MP Simon Hart of "damaging his reputation" by putting up election placards in a field his friend rents for her horses. But tempers boiled over when Adam confronted the Tory volunteer when he caught him reinstalling the signs on a fence post in the Welsh village of Manorbier. A video appears to show the volunteer smacking the villager in the arm with his van door - before repeatedly DRIVING his van at him along a rural road. The police arrived moments later and are now investigating the stand off.

12. Labour/Tory election battle | FT World

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Labour/Tory election battle | FT World

► Subscribe to the Financial Times on YouTube: In the second of a six-part series, the FT’s Kiran Stacey goes to Birmingham Edgbaston, a once solid Conservative seat, which has been held by maverick Labour MP Gisela Stuart since 1997. Can she fend off the Tories once again in general election? ► FT World News: ► UK Business & Politics: ► The UK General Election - Beyond the Numbers: Twitter Facebook

13. David Davis delivers BRILLIANT quip after being asked what EU countries still LIKE Britain

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David Davis delivers BRILLIANT quip after being asked what EU countries still LIKE Britain

BREXIT Secretary David Davis delivered a phenomenal response after he was asked by Tory MP Peter Bone what countries in the EU still “like” Britain.

14. The Out List 2013 STREAMING FULL`MOVIE

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WATCH The Out List 2013 NOW Through the voices of Americans from all walks of life, The Out List explores the identities of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community in America. In this series of intimate interviews, a diverse group of LGBTQ personalities bring color and depth to their experiences of gender and sexuality. With wit and wisdom, this set of trailblazing individuals weaves universal themes of love, loss, trial, and triumph into the determined struggle for full equality.


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EASTBOROUGH - SHUFFLE AND SLIDE (BalconyTV) 'Like' us on Facebook - FROM THE NORTH BY NORTHEAST MUSIC FESTIVAL BALCONYTV TORONTO IS BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH INDIE WEEK AND THE UNDERGROUND GARAGE PRESENTED BY NOEL COPEMAN 2011 is gearing up to be Eastborough's year. Last year's hiatus involving a move from Ottawa to Toronto and studies at Humber College, did not stop Stefani Guzman from finishing her full length album, "Your Place." Funded in part by The City of Ottawa's Arts Grant for Popular Music, "Your Place" will be touring in the winter thaw of 2011. Stefani began performing her pop-folk/ indie rock songs as Eastborough at the end of 2006 and quickly released a self-titled EP. The debut received praise from Chart Attack, the Ottawa Sun, Upfront Magazine,, Live 88.5 FM and CKCU 93.1 FM. The four tightly crafted songs throb with urgency - the buzz quickly spread that Eastborough "has stumbled upon a great thing" (Chart Attack). By the end of 2008 Stefani began recording the material for "Your Place" at Gallery Studios with Dean Watson and in her home studio where the ukulele hit "Shuffle & Slide" was born. Songs such as "Messages" and "Soft Step" are the result of a new partnership with Toronto producer Adam King (Jill Barber, Eva Avila, Jully Black, Theo Tams, and the Good Lovelies) whose pop sensibilities are a perfect match to Eastborough's soulful, indie tunes. An aggressive guitarist and energetic performer, Stefani has happily shared the stage with the Gossip, Spiral Beach, Gentleman Reg, DD/MM/YY, Lesbians on Ecstasy, Martina Sorbara, Pony Up, Ember Swift, We Are Wolves, Vitamins for You, and Tom Wilson. Performance highlights include the Ottawa Folk Festival (Showcase Winner), the Central Canada Exhibition (Showcase Winner), Ladyfest, the acclaimed Women's Voices Festival, Ottawa Pride, CKCU 93.1 FM's Live Music Show and most recently Toronto's North By Northeast (NXNE) and Indie Week music festivals. In recent news, Eastborough finished shooting her first music video for the upbeat, catchy "Soft Step" in October 2010 and has enlisted the talents of Toronto musicians Joshua Parett (electric guitar, glockenspiel), Greg Matthews (drums), Mike Nova (bass) and Mike Sbrocchi (keys) on stage. Tune in next time!


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GARDEN ECHO performs the song "RUNNING" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - PRESENTED BY PRISCILLIA SEELAN MICROPHONES BY RODE Garden Echo is an indie rock trio from San Diego, CA, comprised of Alexia Villarino, Sara Swanson, and Andrew Moberly. Acquaintances since high school, Alexia and Sara reconnected at a local show in San Diego in 2014, shortly after Sara moved back from Los Angeles. Both dreaming for a musical project that was creatively fulfilling, they decided to test their musical chemistry and began writing in Sara’s garage. Months later they asked their good friend Andrew, who was known for his emotive style of guitar playing, to join and Garden Echo was formed. What happened naturally between the 3 of them was in stark contrast to the sunny, surf rock usually born out of Southern California. Their extremely collaborative style of writing and eclectic variety of influences produced a sound that is uniquely their own. Interweaving guitars, dreamy textures, haunting lyrics and yearning vocals create an atmosphere that draws listeners in, acting as a gentle undercurrent, pulling you into the dark and anxious space in which they exist. They release their debut EP Quiet Voices Oct 2015 and are set to re-release it via Dark and Proper on Oct 31. They have been playing shows since then, opening for bands like Haunted Summer, FMLYBND, Potty Mouth, Kera & The Lesbians, TOPS, and more. NBC San Diego named them one of the “Top Bands to See in San Diego,” and have drawn comparisons to UK artists like Daughter, London Grammar, and the XX. CREDITS / SPONSORS Producer/Talent Booker: Cindi Avnet Videographer: Diego Ferrés Recorded By: James Schumacher Mixed By: Jeff Bates PA: Lydia Reed PA: Henry Colborne Tune in again to BalconyTV //


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DEAR AUDREY performs the song "JOURNEYS" for BalconyTV. Subscribe to us right now at 'Like' us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - PRESENTED BY JAMES MAAD Dear Audrey es un grupo de música compuesto por Atila Demai (Buenos Aires, 1994), Guillermo Botí (Barcelona, 1993) et Hugo Mell (Moissac, 1993). ​El grupo se forma en Madrid a principios del año 2015, en el verano del mismo año, tras varios meses tocando juntos, deciden embarcarse en un viaje por la costa, donde tocan en diferentes chiringuitos de playa. Este viaje les sirve para crecer como grupo y encontrar su estilo musical, el cual hoy en día su público cataloga como Happy Folk. El sonido de un par de guitarras acústicas, un banjo, una mandolina y un piano que se van alternando hacen de Dear Audrey una banda con diversidad sonora cuyas melodías se caracterizan principalmente por su frescura y por el juego de armonías de sus tres voces. Ya han actuado en diferentes salas míticas de Madrid como Costello, Moby Dick o Siroco, y han abierto shows para bandas de reconocimiento nacional e internacional como Panic At The Disco!, Love of Lesbian o Dvicio en escenarios como La Riviera o Razzmatazz, recibiendo un gran feedback de todos los públicos; públicos muy dispares por otra parte. Este verano se estrenarán en el festival MadCool en Madrid junto a grupos como The Lumineers, Foo Fighters, Green Day o King of Leon. Actualmente cuentan con material suficiente para pensar en un segundo trabajo y perfilan, con sus nuevas composiciones su estilo, llevando siempre las armonías y el sonido orgánico de su Happy-Folk por bandera. Atila Demai (Buenos Aires, 1994), Guillermo Botí (Barcelona, 1993) and Hugo Mell (Moissac, 1993) formed Dear Audrey in early 2015 in Madrid. In the summer of that year, after several months playing together, they went on a roadtrip to the Mediterranean coast, where they play in different beach huts. This trip made them grow together and helped them to find their music style, which nowadays their audience call "Happy Folk". This comes from the sound of a couple acoustic guitars, a banjo, a mandolin and a piano, added to the fresh melodies and the harmonies of their three voices. They've played in several of Madrid's most famous live music venues, like Costello Club, Moby Dick or Siroco. They've also opened for important national and international bands like Panic! At The Disco, Love of Lesbian or Dvicio in arenas like Razzmatazz or La Riviera, where they've received great feedback from audiences of all ages. This summer, they will make their festival debut playing at Mad Cool Festival, sharing stage with bands like The Lumineers, Foo Fighters, Green Day or Kings of Leon. At the moment, they're writing, touring and starting to prepare their second album, where they want to show a more personal, organic sound, never leaving behind the harmonies and the happy-folk vibes that describe the band. CREDITS / SPONSORS Producer & Photographer - Grace Puluczek Host - James Maad Camera - Carlos Blanco // Sound - Javier Vinagrero // Location - Special thanks to Planta18 // Tune in again to BalconyTV //


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THEY THINK I'M A LESBIAN!? Noor wants to know why they called her a lesbian. Subscribe to Ma'raya new youtube channel: Elhae: Subscribe Pls! ----------------------------------------------------------- SAVE SAMIA (MOBILE GAME) - FREE! iOS: Android: Facebook: ----------------------------------------------------------- Pre-order my book #support :) Amazon: B&N: Learn More: ----------------------------------------------------------- LaToyaForever Store: ----------------------------------------------------------- SEASON 1: SEASON 2: SEASON 3: SEASON 4: SEASON 5: SEASON 6: Season 7: Season 8: Season 9: Season 10: ----------------------------------------------------------- [FREE] LaToya Forever mobile App Apple iOS: Android: ----------------------------------------------------------- WHAT CAMERA DO WE USE? ----------------------------------------------------------- GET CONNECTED ----------------------------------------------------------- ONLY Business Inquiries: Site : Main Channel NON-STOP VLOGS: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Pinterest: Tumblr: Keek: Google+: ------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC BY (Fully Authorized permission for usage w/ License) Tory Lanez [INTRO ARTIST] PRYDE [OUTRO ARTIST] ------------------------------------------------------------- SEND US MAIL :) LaToya Forever Po Box: 31084 Westney Heights RPO 15 Westney Rd North Ajax, On L1T3V2 CANADA

19. Dating a girl who has never been in a relationship

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Dating a girl who has never been in a relationship

➡ ♥♥♥ Link: Dating a girl who has never been in a relationship It confirmed everything I had always thought of myself. Not so much hookup sites, but just places where you might find others with common interests. Does that mean they are stunted emotionally somehow? I am working on learning to at least like myself. I believe you can start any time. I know if you put yourself out there, you could find a really awesome girl. New readers, welcome to Dear Wendy, a relationship advice blog. It depends on the kind of woman you are dating. Its true that a pretty woman can go on for years not being hit on. Take it easy man, girls are going to like you or not like you for all kinds of reasons. It was rather like high school all over again, but without the put downs. Connect with a generation of new voices. It may have taken 26 years of not having a clue, but at least I finally pulled my head out of my you-know-what and put forth some effort. I am an average looking guy, a 5. But problem with online is it feels impersonal to have a relationship like that at least to me. I continued dating guys who were looking for a meal ticket or crash space. Years of outbreaks and scarring from Hidradenitis Suppurativa can make you self-conscious. I wrote the 24 and never been on a date thread. Girls tend to be really clingy and think the relationship will last forever in their first relationship. When I had my first date at 35, I was clueless on what to do. If I was a lesbian I would date her because I truly believe she is worthy and deserving of love. Error 403 Forbidden 403. Even though she spends most of the year going to school 693 miles away from Purdue, she has always been the closest person to me. Dating a girl who has never been in a relationship You can read about meperuse the archives and met popular posts. Dont think she dated someone before which is weird cause shes very attractive and outgoing between. Maybe she should be the one to ask men out on dates. That will make her panites wet and she will file about you never having a GF. I could lose my sanity or will to live, well in an extreme scenario that is. I know personally that I will not date a woman if I am not really really really really attracted to her.

20. Spanish dating show

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Spanish dating show

➡ ♥♥♥ Link: Spanish dating show I would tell foreign gay women in Spain to use an online personal website because it is hard to find lesbians, even in Chueca, Madrid. Comedy about a married man who receives the visit of his aunt Hortensia. Comedy about a woman who, after a divorce, must take charge of a dilapidated hotel. Based in a real life case. Adaptation of the novel by. There are also reports of practice, that is, members of one sex paid to participate in the game to attain balance of sex ratio. Series set in a spanish dating show district. Series about the Spanish Independence War. Comedy about a band of punk rats. Sequel of the latter. A dog, a rooster, a donkey and a cat create a music band. Loose adaptations of fables. Comedy about a family obsessed with the arrival of television in Spain. Mystery and horror series with non related plots. Sequel of Colegio mayor. The person behind the screen could hear their answers and voices but not see them during the gameplay, although the audience could see the contestants. A man receives a letter showing who murdered his father 40 years ago. Like other games, the outcomes of these activities are open to rigging, leading to missed matches and possibly unhappiness among the participants. Series about the discovery of America. Three wealthy families vacationing in in three key moments in the history of Spain. Sequel of La Mari. Spanish dating show Leyend of Vanda a no raised by the. About last days of dictator. Comedy about a group police officers. Soap idea about a man who pretends to be gay in a reality show. Based on true events, a echo investigates the murder of his son. Absurd comedy in which famous people were put on trial. All three shows were dropped in September 2013, removing the genre from broadcast syndication for a time. Adaptation of a novel.