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1. Last hot lesbian teachers on Earth get their jobs back after having sex in a classroom

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Last hot lesbian teachers on Earth get their jobs back after having sex in a classroom

Manhattan appellate judges ruled on Thursday that two public high school teachers who were fired for doing it in a classroom back in 2009 can have their jobs back. The judges said Cindy Mauro and Alini Brito weren't on the clock at the time and other teachers have gotten lesser punishments for infractions involving students! The story made headlines back in 2009 because it was the first instance in which two female high school teachers were caught having sex, and they were both hot, instantly validating every straight male high school student's deepest fantasy. It all went down when the Spanish and French teachers were attending an after school musical at James Madison High School in Brooklyn. But but the talent show was dragging on, so they snuck off to the French classroom for a little privacy. But right when they were in the middle of getting it on, a pair of janitors stumbled in on them. High School Superintendent Linda Waite fired Mauro and Brito for "conduct unbecoming". After a lot of legal wrangling back and forth, a lower court ruled the women deserved a second administrative hearing. Now, almost 5 years after the night in question, judges ruled they can have their jobs back. Today the two teachers are celebrating, but the Department of Education has vowed to strike back. We say, Just give it a rest guys, and get back to teaching those kids how to read. Mmm'kay?

2. Sexy lesbian teachers na nag-sex sa classroom, papayagang bumalik sa trabaho!

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Sexy lesbian teachers na nag-sex sa classroom, papayagang bumalik sa trabaho!

Sexy lesbian teachers na nag-sex sa classroom, papayagang bumalik sa trabaho! Lesbian teachers, hindi raw pwedeng patalsikin sa trabaho, matapos silang mag-sex sa eskuwelahan -- ayon sa korte! Ayon sa isang judge, ang dalawang public high school teachers na nawalan ng trabaho dahil nag-sex sila sa loob ng isang classroom noong 2009, ay pwedeng bumalik muli sa eskuwelahan! Ayon din sa judge, sina Cindy Mauro at Alini Brito ay hindi on-the-clock nang sila ay nag-sex sa school, at may mga teachers na hindi pa nga naparusahan ng ganun kabigat kahit naka-sex nila ang mga estudyante. Ang Spanish at French teachers ay nanonood ng after school musical sa James Madison High School sa Brooklyn, pero sila ay na-bored. Kaya nagpunta sila sa French classroom para...malibang ng kaunti. Pero sa gitna ng kanilang sex session, ay nahuli sila ng mga janitor. Sila ay napatalsik sa trabaho ng High School Superintendent na si Linda Waite, dahil sa "conduct unbecoming." Pero limang taon matapos ang insidente, sinabi ng judge na puwede na nilang balikan ang nawala nilang trabaho. Masaya ang dalawang teacher, pero hindi raw papayag ang Department of Education. Baka naman puwedeng kalimutan na lang ang mga nangyari...lalo na't hindi naman sila nanakit ng mga estudyante. Anong say niyo? For news that's fun and never boring, visit our channel: Subscribe to stay updated on all the top stories: Stay connected with us here:

3. Silverback Gorillas In Rwanda Become First Documented Having Lesbian Sex

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Silverback Gorillas In Rwanda Become First Documented Having Lesbian Sex

Homosexual behavior among male primates is well documented, but a group of researchers recently became the first to record such relations among female gorillas. Homosexual behavior among male primates is well documented, but a group of researchers recently became the first to record such relations among female gorillas, reports The Independent. Scientists from the University of Western Australia and The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International studied silverback gorillas in Rwanda over a period of 2 years. In that time, they observed 22 females of the species, 18 of which engaged in lesbian sex, reports the

4. Two Teachers Arrested For Having Sex With Students

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Two Teachers Arrested For Having Sex With Students

A teacher in California and Florida have been placed on unpaid leave or fired.

6. The Poorest of the Poor - On the Edge of Europe

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The Poorest of the Poor - On the Edge of Europe

Italy may conjure up postcard perfect images of beauty, art, and culture, but it is also a country in which nearly 2 million children are struggling to survive. Every morning, hundreds of thousands of children in Italy’s poorest regions wake up hungry. Some have never used a computer because the schools can’t afford them in the classrooms. Many don’t go to school at all, or when they do they drop out, hoping to find scarce jobs. While their parents try to eke out a living, infants are left alone with young children as caregivers because of a lack of public day care. A growing number of children work as laborers on farms. Others are pushed into the sex trade to help support their families. Thousands live without basic amenities like hot water, regular meals, or simple health care—all in picturesque Italy. According to a report by UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) issued Feb. 28, Italy has the highest percentage of children living below the poverty line of 25 European nations, and the situation is only getting worse. “In Italy, there are 1.8 million children living under the poverty line,” says Giacomo Guerrera, head of UNICEF Italy. “We could make this problem go away if only it were a priority on every local community and government agenda.” This shouldn’t be happening in Italy, Europe’s third-largest economy. Sure, the country is in the midst of an epic financial crisis that saw it nearly default on its deficit late last year. The new interim government under technocrat Mario Monti has also been forced to tighten up the country’s budget. But that’s not the crux of the child poverty problem. After all, it’s hard to cut services that have never existed. In fact, childhood poverty was a problem in Italy long before the current economic debacle. The divide between Italy’s wealthy north and its suffering south has always been a point of contention for lawmakers in Rome. Italy allocates only 4.4 percent of its total social expenditures on social services for children, meaning only 1.1 percent of the total GDP goes to investing in services like public child care that would allow more parents to work. Private investments from businesses do fill the gap. But in most cases the “Mezzogiorno,” as the poorest regions of the deep south are known, is often overlooked because of the high rate of organized crime that has infiltrated both the public-works sector and local government entities. In recent years companies have received tax breaks for investing in the Mezzogiorno and defying the mob, but many of those companies are now closing factories and heading back north where their investments are safer during these tough economic times.

7. ¿Qué Hay De En City Club

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¿Qué Hay De En City Club

I think this is spot on. There was a point where just all my needs were met and anything excess just became savings/numbers on a screen. The numbers go up a little quicker. Sure I could buy more stuff, but anyone who's well off can tell you that after reaching a certain point, buying "things" no longer makes you happy/excited. []Did you drop the soap? []Is there a reason you don't sell your art? I very rarely buy art, but I'd love something with your style on my wall. I mean, I could print it myself, but Its nice to support an artist. []Destiny? Mine was World of Warcraft. []Well done Sir, Well Done []Check out fFlice Varini. []This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 81%. (I'm a bot) Scientific investigation of a dog's tooth found at a site one mile from Stonehenge has thrown up a number of exciting discoveries, said archaeologist David Jacques, who leads the team digging at an encampment site called Blick Mead. For one thing, it shows that Mesolithic man was using a domesticated dog, probably for hunting. Jacques has led University of Buckingham digs at Blick Mead for nearly a decade, believing the area is key to the beginnings of people living in Britain because evidence of occupancy covers such a long period of time. Jacques believes Blick Mead is crucial to our understanding of the stone circle at Stonehenge, erected in the late Neolithic period, at about 2500BC. "Discoveries like this give us a completely new understanding of the establishment of the ritual landscape and make Stonehenge even more special than we thought we knew it was," said Jacques. Extended Summary | FAQ | Theory | Feedback | Top keywords: site#1 Jacques#2 Mead#3 people#4 tunnel#5 []Behind the counter, in uniform, doing work, customer asks, "Excuse me, do you work here? Yes. Where's the bathroom? Under the sign to your right." []This is so interesting, thank you for sharing your story. So smoking makes you feel more connected to the family that you've lost, I can understand that for sure. When I lost my grandfather (carpenter) I decided to start doing all the odds jobs around the house that needed finishing, and I thought of him the whole time. Do you think you'll ever tell your parents about your smoking? []Is-Is it you, baby brother? []Bitch. []So to recap this girl has: Gotten compliments from others Talked to you in a tone you don't like Fished for compliments Used your teacup And it's gotten you so worked up that you have to seek advice on the internet. I had a friend that used to tell me he wouldn't hire women because all they bring is drama to the workplace. I gave him hell for it for a long time because it struck me as very sexist. The more experience I get in business though the harder it is to hold on to those views. []Poor or uninsured people that have to deal with a health issue because they can't afford to get medical help. []while working in the meat department an ignorant couple came up to me and start asking me "what the deal is?" and "why are you trying to rip us off?" while holding up several racks of pork back ribs. they were labeled at different prices, and the customers wanted the $9 dollar.whatever rack for the $7.xx price. they refused to accept that it was priced by the pound and the $9.xx rack was more pork than the $7 one... []Protip. If you are a pedo. Apply for this job and watch kiddie porn legally. []Thomas the train. He's a dick to everyone, ignores his work, is jealous of his friends and co-workers and lies on the regular. []Lungs. []I was thinking more like a physical brain-in-a-vat inside a giant lead case hidden inside a super hot robot bod. []My debt []tell em if they want grandchildren they'll come with you []That I'm married to a man, AND changed my last name. I was very tomboyish and had lesbian tendencies, wanted to be a single working woman forever, thought the idea of changing my last name was horrendous and misogynistic. Later in life I found out I was bi with an attraction towards feminine men as I have an overbearing personality and can't be with someone I'll butt heads with. I do still think it's misogynistic to ASSUME women should change their last names but I did it to start my family. And I also have some trauma associated with the family I got my last name from. []Fuck golf. Didn't even read it. []It also prepares the country in case of nuclear war and would save millions of lives. []So those are Canadian prices? []Coastal properties and mobile homes are always the highest risk here during a hurricane. That's not news and this storm was hyped out of control

8. Girls Roc - Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Final - - UK Version

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Girls Roc - Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Final - - UK Version

Britain's Got Talent: Everyone knows what Irish Dancers look like, especially with the popularity of acts like Michael Flatley, but no-one's seen an act like this ... Britain's Got Talent: Patrick, Paulius and Andrius went down a storm at their audition with their fast paced and brilliantly choreographed dance routine. Jumping ... Britain's Got Talent: One of the more memorable auditions - just by the sight of him - Stuart, AKA, The Entertaininator is back after making it through to the live ... These girls certainly knew how to entertain the crowd at their audition! Dressed in their skimpy costumes - they managed to get both Michael and David hot ... Watch contortionist Lucky twist her body during a spooky performance in the Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals. See more from Britain's Got Talent here: ... Watch percussionist Fish On Percussionist drum up a storm in the Britain's Got Talent Semi Finals. See more from Britain's Got Talent here: ... Britain's Got Talent: Steven won the hearts of the nation when he took to the stage at his audition. Initally not knowing what to expect from the 53-year-old ... Britain's Got Talent: Michael's first freaky audition brought the house down as he bent and twisted his body to music. The 21-year-old French dance teacher loves ... Britain's Got Talent: These fifteen boys from Oxford University were formed 10 years ago and haven't looked back since! Taking the opportunity to peform each ... Britain's Got Talent: Jean's life long dream of sharing her passion for music came to life just this weekend when we first saw her excitedly play her organ to the ... Britain's Got Talent: Never has a stage been more crowded! These twenty girls have already been through an audition process, but with their own teachers at ... Britain's Got Talent: Briefly seen on Britain's Got Talent - the diverse act of Enchantment clearly made an impression on the judges, as they're here to raise the ... Britain's Got Talent: Having seen their audition on More Talent these girls must have shown that they've got what it takes to the judges, as they're back to share ... Britain's Got Talent: We only saw Joe and his incredible bike trick act last night, but it was clear he was a runaway success with some of the incredible moves he ... Britain's Got Talent: These sexy girls think they've got the whole package and know that their talent is hot enough to win over the Britain's Got Talent judges. Britain's Got Talent: These girl Girls Roc - Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Final - - UK Version Girls Roc - Britain's Got Talent Live Semi-Final - - UK Version

9. Top 10 Things You Didnt Know About Japanese Schools

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Top 10 Things You Didnt Know About Japanese Schools

Top 10 Things You Didnt Know About Japanese Schools\r\rUniforms\r\rStudents have summer and winter uniforms, and this includes everything down to their shoes. White with different colored stripes to denote different grades – which is surprisingly useful in identifying students.\r\rWhatever company is producing all these uniforms must be making a killing\r\r9\r\rNo Janitors\r\rEvery day, all the students in the school equip themselves with rags, brooms, and dustpans as they take off to a predetermined location with a team of four or five other students to conquer the task of cleaning said place. \r\rFor ten minutes in the afternoon, students sweep, scrub, polish, and vacuum their school. Every detail down to scrubbing the toilet bowls is taken care of by the students\r\r8\r\rNo Recess\r\rJunior high schools in Japan do not get to enjoy the glorious period of time known as recess. The only break time they get is fifteen minutes after lunch to hang around in their classrooms or play basketball.\r\r7\r\rStudents eat lunch with teachers in their classrooms\r\rClasses alternate each week between eating in their classrooms and eating in the cafeteria. When eating in the cafeteria, the students have assigned seats (with their classes). When eating in their classrooms, students convert their desks into predefined table groups and eat with their teacher supervising from the front of the room.\r\r6\r\rThey keep journals\r\rEvery student has a school issued journal that they are required to write in every day. Their homeroom teachers check these journals daily to keep tabs on student lives. What exly gets written down in these things? Theyre pretty thorough – everything from wake up and sleep times to how much time the student spent watching TV and using the computer. \r\r5\r\rPencil cases\r\rEvery student has a pencil case. Every student. And these things are fully equipped. Given that a childs typical means of individual expression (their clothing?) has been eliminated as an option for Japanese students, many take advantage of being able to use their own pencil case as a subtle attempt to inject some of themselves back into their schoolchild shell. \r\rP.S. Although there are other Top 10 things you didnt know about Japanese schools videos you might have seen, our talks about brand new things.\r\r4\r\rQuiet time\r\rFor the last ten minutes of every day, before they either go home or start their club ivity, all the students are quartered in their homerooms where they put their heads down on their desks for ten minutes of silent reflection. This time is not for relaxation, this is for the students to think about what theyve done during the day, what theyre going to do that evening, and what they need to do the following day.\r\r3\r\rNo school buses\r\rIn Japanese public kindergartens, mothers take their kids to school, often by bicycle. Public elementary schools and junior high schools are close enough for the students to walk to. High schools in Japan require passing an Entrance Exam to attend… so these schools usually require the students to take a short commute by train.\r\r2\r\rSchool year\r\rIn Japan, the school year begins in April and ends in March. Also, students in Japan have fewer days off than American students.\r\r1\r\rNo Failing Grades\r\rStudents at the elementary and junior high school levels cant fail a grade. They will always be advanced to the next grade regardless of test scores or attendance. \r\rthese are the top 10 things you didnt know about japanese schools.\r\rwe hope you enjoyed watching this video. If you did, dont forget to thumb up and subscribe.\r\rMusic from youtube creator library:\r\r Airport Lounge - Disco Ultralounge by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (\rSource: \rArtist: \r\r-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-\rPlease watch: When You Had One Job And Failed Miserably シ \r\r-~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

10. Le Commentateur Islandais Devient Fou Après La Victoire Contre L'angleterre

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Le Commentateur Islandais Devient Fou Après La Victoire Contre L'angleterre

So many commercials! I haven't been able to watch a game Live for a long long time, I have to let it build up like 2 hours so I can skip through all the commercials/downtime. They need to cut back on commercials...sacrifice some ad profit to make it easier for viewers to experience the flow/excitement/tension of a game without being interrupted by a commercial break every 3 minutes. That's why NFL Redzone is awesome for fans like me who follows the whole league. For people who mainly follow one or two specific teams it's tough. Also the casual fan doesn't have Redzone. Defense is making a comeback, though (see Denver Broncos last year and Minnesota/Denver this year as well). Pass Interference is still called much too often when it's sometimes just good defense, though. [] I worked at McDonald's while I was in highschool. One time this wealthy looking man wearing a trench coat, and leather gloves came in asked me if we served the Beef Wellington. [] I guess you need to see (and smell) the ponds to wonder how sustainable and unhygienic it all is... But then again, Prawns are just bottom dwelling scum suckers - so I guess it might not matter. [] Back when I was at high-school working at a Pizza Hut. "Do you guys sell cheeseburgers?" Bruh. [] People like this are so very mental and there's nothing to help them.. Seriously just get rid of him. If our government will kill thousands and thousands of innocent Syrians then we can kill disgusting people like this. [] It didn't have to be done, but for considering that it is it's in very good hands. This movie has huge potential. [] What the fuck kind of adorable abomination is this thing? [] Pretty sure this is just back to school time for teachers [] I got 2 of them- I work in IT, when a user called in for a password reset, i changed it to a temp password of ' Summer16' . they asked if the 6 was capital... not really a question asked, but someone was spelling out their username and started to spell it out for me. First letter - Q, as in Q-cumber (cucumber)....... [] Ahhh this used to happen to me all the time! I worked at a small grocery store and would go shop at walmart without taking my work shirt off, which was always a mistake. People walked up to me asking questions all the time, and some of them get pissy when I didn't know. Usually I would just say "I don't actually work here, but I think you can find the ketchup in Aisle 7" or whatever and they would leave me alone, but some were just rotten. One lady asked me to shop with her because she was in a mart-kart and had trouble reaching items on the top shelf. I did it though, she was actually pretty sweet. Poor woman probably had a hell of a time finding someone to help her when she went shopping. [] I once got chewed out by a grown ass man because his beer had a bit of foam. He was incapable of underatanding that when the foam settles, the liquid level will rise the 0,5cm ut to the "0,5l" marking. [] My local supermarket does that. Not a word of a lie, the items are replaced daily. [] I used to work with a guy - a mechanical engineer nonetheless - who called Benzes Mercs. As in merks. I had to set him straight. Mercs are outboards. As far as I know the only proper diminutive for the car is Benz. [] I confess that my knowledge about Star Trek is pretty basic... but was it the Vulcan's fault that their planet was destroyed, or did someone take advantage of their peaceful attitude? [] "Wife gives husband blowjob, more absolutely shocking news at 10" [] "You do know what a credit card bill is, right?" [] Get a paid four-week sabbatical every five years (company covers international flights and per diem). [] Or they are scrawling it on every plane so that they have to be inspected from top to bottom for sabotage. Wasting both time and money. [] No shit. I have an Apple //e with cassette capability. Tell me if I should run anything. [] CDW always has a 20% or so markup due to its target market. [] Ah back when CH was actually funny. [] The earth might get too cold to inhabit life forms :/ [] I cant believe youve done this. [] Almost all RCs have almost no history of human usage. If you take something like 2c-i, or 6-apb, 5-meo-pcp, methoxetamine, 25i-nbome, DOC, I mean these chemicals are really untested. The only upside is the guy who discovered most the phenyls and tryptamines lived to be almost 100 years old after ingesting nearly all of them. [] If you end up with an other than honorable discharge...legally

11. 5 Young Murderers (14 Years old and Younger)

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5 Young Murderers (14 Years old and Younger)

Do these young murderers know what they were doing is wrong? Did they feel remorse on what they have done? We would never know. What we know is how and when they did the killings. These are a list of some of them: 5. Natsumi Tsuji Also known as Nevada-tan by the internet because of the sweatshirt she presumably wore on the day of the event. Nevada tan was a social outcast and depended on the internet for comfort. She had her own website that was based on a game called The Red Room, where she would blog for her friends to read. With more friends she makes online, the more she became dependent on it. So on the 1st June 2004, she killed a classmate, Satomi Mitarai, by slitting her throat with a cutter. Then with her clothes covered in blood, she walked back into the classroom to tell the teachers of what she did but it was too late to save Mitarai as her heart had stopped due to the blood loss. It was said that she killed Mitarai because of a demeaning comment she made on the website that Nevada tan was proud of. Finally, on may 29th 2008, Local authorities announced that she will be released and will not be given additional sentence. 4.Graham Young A smart young man fascinated with poisons. Living with his uncle and aunt, the family were constantly getting sick from an unknown origin. Thinking that some mysterious bug has spread to even people in his school, no one suspected him. It was later known that he has been experimenting on them and taking meticulous notes on the dosage he used and their reactions to his poison. But one day, at the age of 14, his stepmother died and his aunt became suspicious. Months later, he confessed his attempted murder on people around him. Of course he was then institutionalized but he never stopped with experimenting with poison. Because after his release he went on to poisoning 70 more people which killed 2 out of them. He later lived his life in prison until the first of august in the year 1990, where he died a month before his 43rd birthday. 3. Jesse Pomeroy He was the neighborhood bully. Going after younger boys and attacking them in remote areas with his fist, belt and sometimes a knife. He was arrested for his violence and was sentenced to a reform school in Massachusetts. During his parole in February 1874 , at the age of 14, a 10 year old girl went missing. after a month of his parole, a mutilated body of a 4 year old was found, which led the police to suspect Pomeroy. After further investigation, they ended up finding the body of the 10 year old in the basement of Pomeroy’s mothers dress shop. He was pronounced guilty on December 10, 1873 and was sentenced to death in February 1875 by hanging. 2. Mary Bell Found guilty of killing 2 boys in different occasions. Bell was convicted for murder at the age of 11. The first murder caused the death of a four year a old boy who was strangled to death. She left notes in a different location of the murder with the help of her friend Norma Joyce Bell, saying that she was responsible for the killing. But the police at the time thought the notes were a prank. The second murder, another boy age 3 was killed by strangulation with the friends help. This time a letter N which was finished into an M was carved with different hands on the boys stomach. With that Norma was acquitted while Mary served 12 years in prison. The last known news about her was that she became a grandmother in 2009. 1. John Venables & Robert Thompson On 12 February 1993, the 2 11 year old boys were playing truant from school as they usually do. They stole various items that day such as sweets, some batteries and blue paint which were later found at the murder scene. Seeking some sort of amusement, they came up with a psychopathic idea of abducting a kid and seeing him die. This resulted in the death of 2 year old James Patrick Bulger. He was abducted as shown from a CCTV in the shopping centre where they walked for over 2.5 miles stopping every now and again to torture the boy. They finally stopped at a railway track, where they continued torturing little Bulger. There they kicked and stomped at him brutally, threw rocks and bricks that they can find. The paint they had was thrown into his left eye and batteries were placed in his mouth. They even made the boy strip his lower clothing for what the pathologist believe was something sexual because Bulger’s foreskin had been forcibly retracted and it was believed that they have also inserted some of the batteries in Bulgers anus. The final blow was from a 10 kg iron bar which was dropped on Bulger’s head. In the end, they left Bulger on the train tracks in hopes of making it look like an accident, where his body was cut in half by a train. The 2 killers were released in 2001 and given new identities where one probably lived a normal life while the other was found to have child pornography in his computer.

12. 12 Most Radioive Places on Earth

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12 Most Radioive Places on Earth

These are the top most most dangerous radiation hot spots in the world from nuclear weapons testing to power plant explosions! \r\rSubscribe to American Eye \r\r6. Fort DAubervilliers\rOriginally constructed as fortification to protect Paris from going under attack in 1846, its ually now one of the worlds most radioive places. Its here where some of the first tests on radioivity were conducted. Frederic and Irene Joliot-Curie both worked with salts of radium-226. People have noticed a large amount of cancer in the area especially in a school near the fort in 2002. High doses or radioive contamination appeared to be the only plausible explanation and a study in 2006 confirmed the radioivity. \r\r5. McClure Radioive Site\r A company looking to build some houses came across a startling discovery when surveying new land in Ontario Canada. The McClure site was contaminated with high amounts of radium from industrial use and a large amount of the soil as contaminated. They found out later that the plant in the area was put radioive scrap metal in the ground for experimental purposes. The researchers had wanted to see if the radioivity would somehow accelerate plant growth. The experiments were obviously unsuccessful but the area remains contaminated to this day. Some people have some crazy theories!\r\r4. McGuire Air Force Base\rDuring the Cold War, America was quite eager to have the best nuclear arms of any country in the world. The McGuire Air Force Base was seriously contaminated from weapons grade plutonium in 1960. Located just south of Trenton, this was home to Launch Shelter 204 that stored nuclear, intercontinental ballistic missiles. An unexpected explosion happened in a helium that caused a fire in the nuclear tipped BOMARC missile. The fire burned for about 15 minutes and was extinguished with water. This resulted in radioive material and water to flow throughout the air force base. Some pieces of debris were found a half mile from the explosion. It could have been much worse considering how close it is to populated areas. The contaminated area stretches an estimated 7 acres and its closed off with a barbed wire fence. So dont even think about coming here!\r\r3. Mailuu-Suu\rThis place is one of the most polluted and radioive sites in the world. Located in Kyrgyzstan, its radiation is derived from the large amount of Uranium ore deposits. Mining operations from 1946 to 1968 left this place severely damaged. They managed to mine nearly 10,000 tons of uranium ore for the Soviet nuclear program. A landslide that took place in 1958 released 6000 cubic meters of material from this mine, leaving radioive particles all over the place. Theres more than 20000 times the amount of normal radiation at this location. When the mining operations ended, it left many people without jobs. Its believed that many settlers of this region, put themselves in danger and attempt to sell of the metal to scrap metal dealers.\r\r2.Chernobyl Exclusion Zone \rChernobyl and Pripyat were both quickly evacuated after a horrific meltdown took place at the nuclear power plant Reor number 4 on April 26, 1986. People fled this area so quickly that they left many of their belongings behind. As a result of the meltdown, no one has been allowed to live here due to the high amounts of radiation set off from the explosion. The toxic cloud of particles affected a large part of eastern europe and some material was even found as far away as Switzerland. This photo here depicts whats known as the elephant foot is the reminisce of the black lava firefighters found that oozed directed from the core of the power plant. This is basically molten radioive lava and certainly not something you want to get close. Stand next to this thing for 300 hundred seconds and youll only have two days to live. Although nature has been able to flourish here, mankind certainly wont be making their way back to this place any time soon. \r\r1.Fukushima Power Plant `\rA tsunami that struck the coast of Japan in new after an earth and its the worst nuclear power plant disaster since Chernobyl by a longshot. The reors automatically shut down and the tsunami destroyed the emergency cooling generators causing it to overheat. This lead to not one, not two, but three nuclear meltdowns and the releasing of radioive material all over the area. It was given the Level 7 classification by the International Nuclear Event Scale. This has lead many people seriously concerned for their health in this area and the eventual number of cancer victims could be through the roof! Radiation hotspots like this one in kashiwa are completely closed from the public. Radioivity is now found much more often through the ent

13. Friendship Isn't Real Kawaiipiranha Cartoons

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Friendship Isn't Real Kawaiipiranha Cartoons

'Duel citizenship'. I'm imagining this meaning you are allowed to live there, but only on the condition that you actively participate in gladiatorial tournaments. [] Hello /u/BanglaHeartTouch, Thank you for your submission. Unfortunately your account does not have enough karma to submit things to /r/videos at this time. /r/videos requires users to have a minimum of 10 link and 10 comment karma. We suggest that you comment in some popular threads and make submissions to other subreddits to build up your karma and then come back. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, and look forward to your submissions in the future. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns. [] How is this a problem? They're experimenting with a new format in addition to what they're already doing. I personally hope it's just a mission as John Wick and takes advantage of room scale. One common problem with cross-platform VR is that there are a lot of missed opportunities because Oculus doesn't provide as much as the Vive does. [] I feel the everyone is doing great but you bit. All of my classmates have top notch jobs at highly ranked Chicago hospitals, and I'm being told to get a job at a nursing home in Boston. I've taken another route to hopefully get my foot in the door. Because both of my parents have been sick for so long and have both been in nursing homes I just have a hard time with that patient population. I have also done career fairs and have applied for 100 jobs in the last 2 months with two phone interviews but not a peep otherwise. Thanks for understanding. [] My girlfriends best friend. [] That is horrible shooting. Pretty sure my old man would have grounded us for shooting everywhere cept the eindow [] Good thing it's just me then. Wouldn't want to upset you [] Should the law be changed? absolutely we have better science now, I guess you don't believe that the "science" was a lie back then. If you look into it, there is evidence that marijuana was banned to protect the interests of rich industries. Namely pharmaceuticals and paper. [] Why write the lyrics as if you're singing along? [] What...? [] oh my lawd [] I've never even eaten a donut, so I really don't know. I just thought they were baked in an oven, not deep fried. [] ... it's enjoyable. Why do some people drink soft drinks, or alcohol, or chocolate? [] A service dangerous enough to require insurance. Contracting work, plumbing, tree cutting. I learned this lesson the hard way. [] Amazing and isspiring film. Definitely my favorite of the year. Can't believe it's the first time Nate Parker directed a movie. Reminded me of Passion Of The Christ but I liked it even more. Recommending it to a lot of people [] "North is whichever way I'm looking, right?" [] I once had a customer order a quesadilla without the cheese and then got upset when it fell apart. Cheese is in the name for a reason, ma'am. [] Soda from a fountain is as fresh as it gets. It's literally mixed in the nozzle in front of the customer. [] Legally, the jury is supposed to make their decision based solely on the evidence at trial Wouldn't this nullify the loophole? We aren't supposed to convict people based on our personal, and moral, beliefs. Just on the evidence presented. This is confusing. [] Wiki says Synaptic pruning begins at birth until puberty.. 2 years before you started.. But. I had a friend who went from "good" kid/shy freshman but soon after smoking & "bad" company.. He wasn't the same after.. ran from cops & got arrested while still a freshman. Meanwhile I graduated high school with my Other weed smoking friends.. Weed is weed. There is HTC in your body like in the plant but just less. You yourself makes the high what it is.. & if you let it control you then.. [] Can't wait to pirate this! [] Down to the name and everything. I do have a sig other, so instead of Mohter it says Jiahn (her name is Jihan). I only parted with $20, but still. Same experience. [] Praise Yogg [] Sadly, Wolfies not fine ;p [] supplied by Hammer? Iron Man II pretty much painted Hammer as a fucking joke - how on earth is he suddenly creating shit that is useful and effective?

14. Trump On Fidel Castro In He's A Bad Guy In Every Respect

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Trump On Fidel Castro In  He's A Bad Guy In Every Respect

I love Leo, and I love the Earth. So i guess this is a documentary i HAVE to watch. [] Lip service for American aid money. The scramble continues [] Climate change will also have an increasingly huge cost. In other words, we are going to have to pay one way or the other. [] because nobody would go to the internet and fabricate things right? What's that got to do with your comment? You didn't say you didn't believe him, you are asking who spit on him because somehow you think it's OK if some Israelis spit on the chinese but not others. [] Fake laughs in the background [] Yeah. I try out a lot of HBO shows, just because I have a subscription that I'm too lazy to cancel. So I was really sceptical when I saw it appear on the front page, HBO is a mixed bag to say the least. But. Wow. Just fucking wow. I'll admit the beginning was like "Oh, a nude chick. Of course.". But in the end, when they go back to what we saw at the beginning, now you are looking at it going "Something fucked up is going on." [] I keep seeing videos of hedgehogs floating... And that gif where one is getting its junk rubbed. Does he not know he floats? [] What does confidence mean? [] [] I work in a very small parking lot in New Haven, CT. Like most parking lots, mine has a booth where you can see signs and the fee for parking, if you pull in, I can see you right away and you can see me right away too. No matter what time it is or what day, someone will pull in, look me straight in the eyes and say, "Do we have to pay for parking?" It is after this question that I bite my tongue to prevent myself from going sarcastic and responding with, "NO SIRMAM, NOT AT ALL. COME RIGHT IN! IN FACT, I WANTED YOU TO KNOW THAT I JUST BROKE INTO THIS BOOTH AND I'M JUST CASUALLY SITTING HERE. I'VE GOT NOTHING BETTER TO DO, THAN TO SIT AT A PARKING BOOTH AND LOOK AT FOLKS AS THEY PARK THEIR CARS IN A PRIVATE LOT." This occurs with everyone, regardless of being part of CT or any other state that visits. [] We had them at the one I worked at in Houston and here in Charlotte. [] "Buddy Pillow" [] Thanks for the link. [] Who actually likes Foster's? I don't understand why our breweries keep making the stuff. Maybe its the way they get rid of the shit at the bottom of the vats or something [] Yoga, as a 6ft5 male. But actually I don't give a fuck. I enjoy it, and all my friends do is booze up on days off and sleep all day. [] I used to work at Starbucks and I swear I got asked that on a monthly basis. is a hot drink and one is iced..... [] Looks even scarier than this: [] "Hope you like washing dishes then, sir!" [] The effect my vote will have? My vote is meaningless. So is yours. Let me break it down for you. You believe voting 3rd party is a waste because they won't win. By that logic, every vote for the loser is also a wasted vote. You can extend that logic further and say every vote in excess for the winner is also a wasted vote. So if every vote for the loser is wasted and every vote in excess is wasted, the only votes that matter are the winning vote in each state. And because you only need 20-30 states to win, only 20-30 votes actually matter. [] Materials engineering. All jobs want 2-6 years experience that pay 60+ [] Seems like I came too late.. Hopefully they/someone makes a highlight reel! [] Thats the point of ordering "a beer" though. You just want a cheap lager. [] "What does this come with?" It tells you on that paper thing you're currently holding and looking at, dipshit. [] People act like getting Google Fi and cancelling their cable TV subscription is some enormous sacrifice, and that they're being asked to donate limbs to this concept of saving money. I'm not even really telling people to save. I'm telling them to stop throwing it away. [] los pollos isn't much of a sentence if you are only counting the 2 words.

15. Gul E Rana Episode Promo Hum Tv Drama Jan

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Gul E Rana Episode Promo Hum Tv Drama Jan

Women should have the choice since it's their own body A fetus is not part of a mother's body, it's a distinct, new human being with a different genetic code from the mother, in many cases has a different blood type as the mother, in half of all pregnancies has a different sex as the mother. Rape Accounts for ~1% of all abortions. Families with low income. Teen pregnancy. To promote abortion as a matter of fiscal or sociological convenience is to say to the children we decided to keep, that our lives have meaning and worth and dignity only so long as we are wanted and not a burden to others. If the child is going to be disabled. We do not kill people for their disabilities, period. Therefore, unless we're not human beings before we're born, our disabilities should no more disqualify us from life before birth than they do after birth. []You don't? []according to the leaked emails the banks bribed the ratings agencies to do it. so both of them should be prosecuted. lastly the banks knew the securities were shit but still sold them as triple a, regardless of what a ratings agency gives the security, that too is fraud. []so how do the musicians lip sing? []I had a teacher in highschool who actually texted his girlfriends (now wife's) mother "I'm so sorry lol" when her husband died. He explained later he thought it meant lots of love and he insists his mother in law doesn't hate him for that. []And all the shit that just goes by without being pointed out, like when the german soldier closes the sliding doors on the train and the instant it cuts away you hear the glass break and no one acknowledges it. XD Oh, god, and Omar Sharif trapped in the crushed car! []I don't have studying to do []I believe the line is "mom's in the park" []My age. I'm 5 again! []Ianto Jones' death in the Torchwood episode "Day Four". []I live in Japan and normally one big purchase a year pays for my membership. 2015-- 48inch tv--- ¥68,000 in store --- ¥48,000 at Costco 2016--macbook----¥160,00------ ¥148,000 Not to mention they have great quality pet food for cheap, hot dogs, their rotisserie chickens along with everything else. Even their home delivery is pretty cheap. []you seem pretty stoked about paying taxes haha, but yeah congrats man, under the table jobs can get pretty shitty [] []Isn't Havok also Cyclops brother in the comics? []fap like madmen hahmot []Damn it feels good to be a gangsta'. []its already spread to canada, Toronto got hit, they caught the two teenagers and made sure they were publicly shamed by their school. But the clowns that I see in the corner of my eye are slowly getting to me. []I suspect it's from the older radios. During the world wars, the radios carried on your back were walkie-talkies. The ones small enough to fit in your hand were handie-talkies. We still call em walkie talkies for the same reason some people call em fire plugs or ice boxes. []looks like the poster for a heist movie staring a non-nonsense baby. I'd watch it. []I appreciate you writing it out instead of using "IIRC," that acronym annoys the shit out of me []I'm a republican and I'd vote for Bartlet. []KILL IT, BEFORE IT GROWS ANY STRONGER! []That bender you went on after your gold fish died probably would have been avoided. []Mandela Effect []For tomatoes and peppers as well as cannabis, you should use the internet and really read up on what that particular breed of the plant is known for. A good producer might not have the flavor or the proper heat range you're expecting. Cannabis seed sources are available from the sidebar at /r/microgrowery. Get the insurance when ordering seeds.

16. Desperate Housewives S05 E17 - The Story of Lucy and Jessie

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Desperate Housewives S05 E17 - The Story of Lucy and Jessie

Desperate Housewives S05 E17 - The Story of Lucy and Jessie. As Susan continues to work as a teachers' aide, she tries to stay on the reading teacher and her employer's, Jessie's, good side since she will be evaluating Susan's performance. But Jessie, who happens to be a closeted lesbian, mistakes Susan's stuttering and lame attempts to be friendly as come-ons. Meanwhile, Edie begins looking for more information at a local newspaper office on information on the people who died in Mike's car accident years earlier, and discovers the connection between the victims, and Dave, who continues to badger Mike into taking him and ...

17. Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me

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Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me

Am I Gay or Straight? Maybe This Fun Quiz Will Tell Me My habit started in middle school, in the backs of magazines like CosmoGirl and Seventeen and Teen Vogue, where short quizzes promised girls guidance on issues ranging from “Does he like you?” to “How much does he like you?” Each Valentine’s Day in high school, our first-period teachers would pass out Scantron forms for a service called CompuDate, which promised to match each hormonal teenager with her most compatible classmate of the opposite sex, without regard for the social consequences. My quizzes might ask, “Which One Direction member is your soul mate?” or “What type of ghost would you be?” But I already knew what I wanted those answers to be, and my quizzes simply bore them out. I remember politically incorrect and leading questions, such as “When you think about the type of person you want to marry, do they have short hair, like a man, or long hair, like a woman?” One quiz took my lack of interest in driving a pickup truck as definitive evidence that I was not, in fact, a lesbian. I’d never had a boyfriend or even slept with a man, and I didn’t particularly like going on dates with men or hanging out with them, but I thought that was normal — all of my friends constantly complained about the guys they were dating.

18. History Unerased aims to cast light on gay Americans in schools

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History Unerased aims to cast light on gay Americans in schools

For generations, young Americans could go all the way through school without learning that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been part of their country's history. A Lowell, Massachusetts-based organization called History Unerased is trying to change that by training teachers to bring that knowledge to U.S. classrooms. Co-founder Debra Fowler said "People who we label and understand as LGBTQ today have always existed in every nation, in every belief system, in every ethnicity.

19. History Unerased aims to cast light on gay Americans in schools

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History Unerased aims to cast light on gay Americans in schools

For generations, young Americans could go all the way through school without learning that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have been part of their country's history. A Lowell, Massachusetts-based organization called History Unerased is trying to change that by training teachers to bring that knowledge to U.S. classrooms. Co-founder Debra Fowler said "People who we label and understand as LGBTQ today have always existed in every nation, in every belief system, in every ethnicity.

20. Gender education in Tel Aviv

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Gender education in Tel Aviv

The Education Committee for Tel Aviv decided yesterday to roll out a new educational criteria in the cities schools educating on sexual identity and acknowledging of the homosexual and lesbian groups in an attempt to prevent homophobia. The upcoming school year will begin a pilot of 10 schools, which will include working with consultants, teachers, administrators and with students. The programme will begin in January and as been promoted by the Mayor's advisor on the Gay community Yaniv Weitzmann. Last year there was a fatal attack on a gay club in Tel Aviv.