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1. Glow In The Dark Lyrics

Glow In The Dark Lyrics

Been thinking bout this all damn day, oh I And I can't wait to see your face My hands are dying to touch ya, oh I But I ain't got the patience to wait And I think it's time that I lose control, lose c

2. No Bullshit (Mixtape) Lyrics

No Bullshit (Mixtape) Lyrics

3 in the mornin, you know I'm horny So why don't you come over my place, and put a smile on my face Leavin the club, shawty hurry up So we can get this party started, and take off our clothes now

3. How Low Can You Go Lyrics

How Low Can You Go Lyrics

[** Sample: 'How Low' by Ludacris:] Hey shawty lil mama come here are you tryna take a ride with me* Twerk somethin' shake a lil bit shake a lil bit bit for me Stop frontin' caus

4. T.Y.A. Lyrics

T.Y.A. Lyrics

[Verse 1:]** Do you need to get your money back, you've been had, I hope u got a warrantee Cause I been walkin' round with money bags in my bag shorty gonna roll with me Girl u need to get y

5. Big Booty Judy Lyrics

Big Booty Judy Lyrics

We thinkin' like 36, 24, 40* That's alright Judy got a booty from here to there Makin' nigga smile from ear to ear Order 3 more bottles of that belvedere Then I point it out like you c

6. Medusa Lyrics

Medusa Lyrics

Innocent... Heaven sent... That's the way she look... (Look...)** Make you turn... around again... Take a second look... (Look...) Caught my eye... walkin' by... out there like she modelin&#

7. Twitter Lyrics

Twitter Lyrics

Look, I does my S-H-I-T* Please excuse me for the smell For certain thing does my jerk thing And I keep her working She a star on the track like Pharrel, Na'mean? (2x) Your money slow mo My mone

8. Back Out Lyrics

Back Out Lyrics

Wish I could make you feel better, check it out* Came here on a mission with one thing on my mind, my mind, mind Yea I came here alone but I'm leaving here with a dime Shawty you a dime you so f

9. Bad Lyrics

Bad Lyrics

(Soulja boy) -->She bad like a student in detention, parked outside the club and my chain just glistening, Soulja boy tell'em, yeah I got Chris wit me, I bet I drank the bottle 'til

10. I Wanna Rock Lyrics

I Wanna Rock Lyrics

Hey, hey, hey I wanna rock right now anywhere I go I'm a shut it down Niggas, better know when I break it down I break shit down break shit down I wanna rock right now, now, now, now I wanna rock ri

11. Don't Lie Lyrics

Don't Lie Lyrics

[** Sample: 'Women Lie, Men Lie' by Yo Gotti:] Women Lie, men lie* Women Lie, men lie, Women Lie, men lie, Numbers don't lie, Women Lie, men lie, Women Lie, men lie, Say what you wan

12. Work Wit It Lyrics

Work Wit It Lyrics

Shawty fine walkin by make a nigga look See how she toot it up got a nigga stuck Suited and booted up shuttin down the club Look at shawty hips when she wind it up Now rewind that back Put it in re

13. Turnt Up Lyrics

Turnt Up Lyrics

Dis beat have turnt up music (Have you turnt your levels)* Go ahead and jump into it (Feel it in your system) You see this turnt up music (Gotcha on the edge) Step the fuck off that building (Don'

14. Invented Head Lyrics

Invented Head Lyrics

[** Sample: ''I Invented Sex' by Trey Songz:] Soon as I walked in the room she was on me* Like nigga take them clothes off and put it on me So Im about to go hard for real Let me thro

15. I Get Around Lyrics

I Get Around Lyrics

[Verse 1:]* Up, high, down, low I be anywhere you want Not the one but slipping, But I'm sliding in yo Mary goat Ram like the size of them wheels that's on a Chevy though Ass so retarded, th

16. Shoes Lyrics

Shoes Lyrics

[** feat. L.A.D. a.k.a LA the Darkman:] [Verse 1:] I gotta problem, I got the answer now No more singin chicks I'm messin with a dancer now She got a stripper pole, know how to break it down Sh

17. Too Freaky Lyrics

Too Freaky Lyrics

I got that long money* So is my dick, Change my pamper homie cos I'm on that new shit, My chains too big, 150 stacks, And the yacht lookin' something like a crew ship, I got that long money

18. Perfume Lyrics

Perfume Lyrics

[** Sample: 'Perfume" by Tyrese:] [Chris Brown:] I know you want me girl* You think about me in your mind, am I right? yeah I think about you too I'm feelin' right here deep insi

19. Convertible Lyrics

Convertible Lyrics

I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, I went from a hightop to a convertible like Imma transformer, Like Imm

20. Turn My Swag On Freestyle Lyrics

Turn My Swag On Freestyle Lyrics

832 514 4730 I’m in the zone, let’s go! I don’t mean to brag But my cash long Yeah I feel like I’m worth a million bucks Yeah, I’m countin’ 100’s Yeah