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1. Filmmaker Creates Animated Video Starring A 3D Printed Baby Running The World

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  • Channel: fun
Filmmaker Creates Animated Video Starring A 3D Printed Baby Running The World

Filmmaker Creates Animated Video Starring A 3D Printed Baby Running The World

2. ZOOTOPIA Trailer - The Big Donut! (2016) Disney Movie

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  • Channel: shortfilms
ZOOTOPIA Trailer - The Big Donut! (2016) Disney Movie

ZOOTOPIA Trailer ● The Big Donut! (2016) Disney Movie Zootopia (also known as Zootropolis in Europe) is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated action buddy comedy neo-noir adventure film produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and the 55th Disney animated feature film. The film is being directed by Byron Howard and Rich Moore, co-directed by Jared Bush (in his directorial debut), and starring the voices of Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman. The film is released by Walt Disney Pictures on February 10, 2016 in Belgium. The film, along with Moana, will mark the first time since 2002 that Walt Disney Animation Studios has released two feature films in the same year. Plot In the mammal metropolis of Zootopia, Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) enlists herself in the Zootopia Police Department. In order to solve the case of a missing otter, she ends up forming an unlikely partnership with con artist Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) where they also come across a savage outbreak upon the missing predator citizens. Production Byron Howard Rich Moore Directors Byron Howard and Rich Moore presented footage from the film at the 2015 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The project was first announced in August 2013 at that year's D23 Expo. The film is scripted by Jared Bush, is scheduled for a March 2016 release.[17][18] Prior to the official announcement, in May 2013, information about Jason Bateman's casting was leaked to the press although little else about the film was known at the time[8] The idea originated with Howard wanting to do a film similar to Disney's 1970s adaptation of Robin Hood which also featured animals in anthropomorphic roles. With this in mind, the city was envisioned as if animals designed it rather than humans. According to Howard, Zootopia will be different from other animal anthropomorphic films, where animals either live in the natural world or in the human world. The concept, where animals live in a modern world designed by animals, was well received by chief creative officer John Lasseter, who lifted Howard "in the air like a baby Simba" when he proposed the idea for the film.Research for the film took place in Disney's Animal Kingdom, as well as in Kenya, where animators studied various animals walk cycles as well as fur color. In March 2015, it was revealed that Rich Moore (Wreck-It Ralph) had been added as a director of the film, in addition to Jared Bush (Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero) as co-director,[21] and that the film's plot had been revised. As announced in 2013, the original plot would have featured a fast-talking fox named Nick Wilde, who goes on the run after being framed for a crime he didn't commit. Zootopia's top cop named Lieutenant Judy Hopps, is hot on his tail, but when both become targets of a conspiracy, they're forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends.[17][19] On May 6, 2015, Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin had been respectively cast as Nick Wilde and Lieutenant Judy Hopps in the film.[7] The filmmakers chose Bateman because they wanted an actor who could bring "a funny yet heartfelt side" with "a wily, dry-witted sort of voice." Bateman described his character as "a crafty, sarcastic schemer," remarking similarity to many of his roles he was doing since he was 12.[22] "I foolishly said, 'What kind of voice do you guys want me to do?' And they just looked at me like I was an idiot and said, 'Just do what you do. Just talk.'"[22] Eventually, the producers realized that the film's plot would be better served by focusing on Judy Hopps as a naive but heroic newcomer to the city and how her egalitarian ideals are challenged by Zootopia's prejudices as opposed to Nick Wilde cynically enduring them as an embittered native and the screenplay was changed to make her the lead character.[23] Commenting on the casting of Goodwin, Moore said that she brought "very centered sweetness, tremendous heart and a great sense of humor," describing her character as "a little Pollyanna mixed with Furiosa." Goodwin viewed her character as a little emotional at times, but not as someone who should be underestimated. "People mistake kindness for naivete or stupidity, and she is a good girl through and through. But she's not a dumb bunny." In July 2015, Alan Tudyk has announced that he would join the cast; his character's name was revealed to be Duke Weaselton. Music The film's score is being composed by Michael Giacchino. It will mark his first feature-length project for Walt Disney Animation Studios,[2] as he previously scored the Goofy short How to Hook Up Your Home Theater, the two Prep & Landing specials and short film, and the short film The Ballad of Nessie. In addition to her voice role of Gazelle, pop star Shakira will also contribute an original song to the film titled "Try Everything", which will be written by Sia and Stargate.The film's score was recorded with an 80-piece orchestra in November 2015, with Tim Simonec conducting.

3. Wonderstruck Trailer 11.15. 2017

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Wonderstruck Trailer 11.15. 2017

Wonderstruck (Roadside Attractions) Best Seller Book: Free Movie Tickets: Stars: Oakes Fegley, Julianne Moore, Michelle Williams Ben and Rose are children from two different eras who secretly wish that their lives were different. Ben longs for the father he's never known, while Rose dreams of a mysterious actress whose life she chronicles in a scrapbook. When Ben discovers a puzzling clue and Rose reads an enticing headline, they both set out on epic quests to find what they're missing. Release date: October 20, 2017 (USA) Director: Todd Haynes Based on: Wonderstruck; by Brian Selznick Nominations: Palme d'Or, Cannes Best Actress Award, Distributed by: Amazon Studios, Roadside Attractions Variety: Todd Haynes' adaptation of a children's novel by Brian Selznick ('The Invention of Hugo Cabret') is a lovingly crafted adventure of innocence that winds up being less than the sum of its parts. Todd Haynes is a transcendent filmmaker, one who can haunt your imagination and carry you away, but in “Wonderstruck,” there’s more artistry in his storytelling than there is in the intricate mechanical story he’s telling. We’re watching a visionary humanist apply his luminous voice to a piece of emotional Tinkertoy. The film is based on an illustrated children’s novel by Brian Selznick, who wrote and drew “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” which served as the basis for Martin Scorsese’s widely praised but — to me, at least — frenetic and overwrought gimcrack fantasy “Hugo” (2011). “Wonderstruck” is a supple and flowing experience by comparison. Haynes, working from a script by Selznick, guides and serves the material with supreme craftsmanship. For a while, he casts a spell. Yet one of the film’s noteworthy qualities is that it creates a nearly dizzying sense of anticipation, and the payoff, regrettably, doesn’t live up to it. “Wonderstruck,” with its tale of two lost and impaired children finding each other across time, will certainly be an awards contender, and it may gently push the buttons of more than a few moviegoers, but it’s an ambitious doohickey impersonating a work of art.

4. There We Are John... Trailer

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  • Channel: shortfilms
There We Are John... Trailer

In this revealing documentary, Ken McMullen creates an elegant portrait of artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman, based on an interview conducted by John Cartwright. The questions are unobtrusive, allowing Jarman to reflect on his major films. Despite the debilitating effects of serious illness, we see an artist with his inner vision unimpaired; still humorous, self effacing and disarmingly charming.

5. MASTERPIECE Full Movie in HD Hindi dubbed with English Subtitle - part 04

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  • Channel: shortfilms
MASTERPIECE Full  Movie in HD Hindi dubbed with English Subtitle - part 04

One of the best movie that i have seen. conceptually wonderful needed to work on the display, though the act of young rebel was super. I suggest him to work more realistic than the dramatic, though the dialog delivery was super. totally a wonderful message to the citizens of India . Comedy · Filmmaker/Cameraman Paul Edward Robson creates a retrospective of his life's work and embarks upon a dark journey to the very edge of sanity . This film was released on 24 December 2015, and stars Yash and Shanvi Srivastava in the lead roles. The supporting cast features Suhasini Maniratnam, P. Ravi Shankar and Chikkanna . this movie is a one of the biggest opening box office collection in Kannada cinema . Though the posters depicts Yash in Bhagat Singh costumes, the movie is not about the life history of Bhagat Singh."One portion of the film sees me as Bhagat Singh, but that does not make it a historic film. It is a pakka commercial film", says Yash in an interview. Masterpiece (2015) Full Cast & Crew Directed by- Mark Rivers Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) - Mark Rivers Cast : Helen Davies as Sister Two Sally Evans - Eva Lucy Georgeson - Sister Kelvin Lowe - Gary Moorehouse Lily Pleasance - Daughter Lucy Pleasance - Lucy John Rivers - Dad Maureen Rivers - Mum Produced by Sandra Khadouri Cinematography by Phil Bradshaw David Kempner Film Editing by Mark Rivers Karl Roberts Second Unit Director or Assistant Director Roger Penny Sound Department Darrell Briggs Roger Burgess Filmmaker/Cameraman Paul Edward Robson creates a retrospective of his life's work and embarks upon a dark journey to the very edge of sanity.

6. Yesno Trailer

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  • Channel: shortfilms
Yesno Trailer

Adapting esteemed poet Dennis Lee's recent collection of poetry, film-critic-cum-filmmaker Brian Johnson creates a vivid visual language to lift Lee's words off the page.

7. Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait | Trailer

  • Duration: 128
  • Channel: shortfilms
Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait | Trailer

In Theatres May 5th, 2017 | © 2017 Cohen Media Group Chronicling the personal life and public career of the celebrated artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. The beginning of his professional career in New York City in the late Seventies; and his Eighties rise to superstar status in Manhattan’s art scene as well as international acclaim as a leading figure in the Neo- Expressionism movement. As the film details, Schnabel came to be regularly acknowledged for his extroverted, excessive approach to his work and life as he moved into filmmaking. With a kaleidoscopic blend of material from Schnabel’s personal archives, newly shot footage of the artist at work and play, and commentary from friends, family, actors and artists including Al Pacino, Mary Boone, Jeff Koons, Bono and Laurie Anderson—Corisicato creates a fascinating and revealing portrait of the modern art world’s most boisterous and provocative maverick.

8. Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 A Mix Of Stunts & Entertainment, Says Rohit Shetty

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  • Channel: shortfilms
Khatron Ke Khiladi 5 A Mix Of Stunts & Entertainment, Says Rohit Shetty

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty, who will host the fifth season of action- adventure show 'Khatron Ke Khiladi', says the new season promises an amalagamtion of stunts and entertainment. "When action and comedy come together, it creates amazing entertainment. This show also has everything that will entertain you. I was convinced because of the different format as it has a lot of stunts and entertainment," the 40-year-old said here Friday at the unveiling of the contestants. The new season features 12 contestants including Bollywood actors Ranvir Shorey,Rajniesh Duggal, Niketan Dheer, choreographer-actor Salman Yusuff Khan and actress Mugdha Godse. TV actor Dayananad Shetty, popularly known as Daya of 'CID', Mahhi Vij, Pooja Gor are the names from the TV industry, besides Kushal Tandon and Gauahar Khan. Stunt woman Geeta Tandon and Femina Miss India International Rochelle Maria Rao will also compete in the show, that will be shot in Cape Town, South Africa, this time.

9. Monster Road (2007) - Animator Bruce Bickford Documentary - Part 1 of 2

  • Duration: 2383
  • Channel: shortfilms
Monster Road (2007) - Animator Bruce Bickford Documentary - Part 1 of 2

Monster Road (2007) - Animator Bruce Bickford Documentary - Part 1 of 2 --- Uploader: forthedishwasher --- Take a glimpse into the colorful world of a true visionary in this documentary focusing on the remarkable life and career of visionary clay and line animator Bruce Bickford. Verite footage combines with home movies, intimate interviews, childhood drawings, and never before seen animation to detail the points of intersection between Bickford's life and art. In the 1970s, Bickford achieved cult status as a result of his work with acclaimed rock musician and composer Frank Zappa. Today, he creates elaborate realms of fantasy for an audience of one. In addition to focusing on the artist's life, filmmaker Brett Ingram also highlights the influence that his father George, a retired Cold War-era aerospace engineer, had on his son's creative endeavors. When he was working, George was charged with maximizing the space inside airplanes and missiles, a talent that he no-doubt passed onto his son, whose animations are frequently filmed on a miniature set in the cramped family basement. These days George is facing the onset of Alzheimer's Disease, and Bruce has become his caretaker. While outward appearances suggest that Bruce had a typically happy, suburban childhood, one look at his darker works gives the distinct impression that as a boy the artist developed a decidedly dark outlook on life. By exploring the man, as well as his art and influences, Ingram offers the definitive portrait of an artist whose creative vision truly knows no boundaries -------------- The life and work of Seattle-based animator Bruce Bickford is canvassed in "Monster Road," the winner of Slamdance's docu jury prize. Akin to "Crumb" in its exploration of a genius creative type who's also an eccentric, pic offers a portrait of Bickford, whose cult success in the 1970s has been followed by decades of a reclusive existence caring for his Alzheimer's-stricken father. The life and, to a lesser extent, work of Seattle-based animator Bruce Bickford is canvassed in “Monster Road,” the winner of Slamdance’s documentary jury prize. Akin to “Crumb” in its exploration of a potentially genius creative type who’s also a raging eccentric, pic offers an ostensibly warts-and-all portrait of Bickford, whose cult success in the 1970s (as Frank Zappa’s inhouse animator) has been followed by decades of a reclusive existence caring for his Alzheimer’s-stricken father. With his lust for action movies and belief that the world’s problems can be solved through filmmaking, Bickford makes for a naturally compelling subject. Yet, while pic is at times fascinating, director Brett Ingram just as often seems overly infatuated with his subject, to the point where he becomes unwilling to fully investigate the darker chapters of Bickford’s life. Given particularly short shrift is the animator’s apparent inability to complete a new project, despite many hours of material. One also craves more exposure to Bickford’s work itself — seen here in fleeting glimpses — with its enchanted forests of elves and giants and phallic food mixers.

10. Alia's birthday wish to her Father Mahesh Bhatt

  • Duration: 80
  • Channel: shortfilms
Alia's birthday wish to her Father Mahesh Bhatt

Renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt is a man, who brings back all kind of memories of 80s and 90s Bollywood movies, has turned a year older today. Bhatt sahab is one of the boldest voices of b-town, whose opinion matters and sometimes creates controversies.

11. Welcome to Tijuana (Short Trailer 2008)

  • Duration: 143
  • Channel: shortfilms
Welcome to Tijuana (Short Trailer 2008)

"Welcome to Tijuana" is the first documentary project of filmmaker Joerg Steineck and co-producer Nicolas Martin. It focuses on migration issues in and outside the mexican border town Tijuana. The film does not pretend to be objective but rather gives a voice to the marginalized Mexican migrants who are waiting for a good moment to cross the border illegally. "Welcome to Tijuana" is a movie that plays with traditional methods of documentary-movie-making but creates an own type of esthetics by mixing these elements with graphics and sounds that have their roots in the traditional and in the modern Mexican culture. For further information go to:

12. The Gleaners & I Trailer

  • Duration: 229
  • Channel: shortfilms
The Gleaners & I Trailer

Agnes Varda, Grande Dame of the French New Wave, has made 2001's most acclaimed non-fiction film -- a self-described "wandering-road documentary." Beginning with the famous Jean-Francois Millet painting of women gathering wheat left over from a harvest, she focused her ever-seeking eye on gleaners: those who scour already-reaped fields for the odd potato or turnip. Her investigation leads us from forgotten corners of the French countryside to off-hours at the green markets of Paris, following those who insist on finding a use for that which society has cast off, whether out of necessity or activism. Varda's own ruminations on her life as a filmmaker (a glener of sorts) give her a connection to her subjects that creates a touching human portrait that the L.A. Weekly deemed "a protest film that's part social critique, part travelogue, but always an unsentimental celebration of human resilience."

13. You Shoot, I Shoot Trailer

  • Duration: 163
  • Channel: shortfilms
You Shoot, I Shoot Trailer

A hired killer pairs up with an amateur filmmaker to provide clients with satisfying footage of enemies getting whacked in this black comedy. Business is down, so hit man Bart is thrilled when Mrs. Ma hires him to kill her enemies -- and film the murders. But Bart's first video killing stinks, so he hires filmmaker Chuen. Although business subsequently picks up, their notoriety creates complications.

14. Surfing with the Enemy Trailer

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  • Channel: shortfilms
Surfing with the Enemy Trailer

Surfing With The Enemy is the story of a group of surfers from Havana struggling to establish a niche for their sport in Cuba’s restrictive society. Guided by Eduardo Valdes, founder of the Havana Surf Association, two filmmakers travel across the island to the notorious Guantanamo province, home to the U.S. Naval Station at Guantanamo Bay, as well as the country’s best waves. Searching for surf along this controversial coast, they discover a forbidden paradise just miles from the American border, and learn what it means to be a surfer and a citizen of modern-day Cuba. Surfing With The Enemy is a creation of Venice the Menace (VTM), a film and video production company based in Venice Beach, California. Founded in 2007, VTM creates entertainment, advertising and branded content for distribution on TV, DVD and the Web.

15. Arjun Rampal: 'Prakash Jha Gives You Characters Which Allow You To Push Yourself'

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Arjun Rampal: 'Prakash Jha Gives You Characters Which Allow You To Push Yourself'

Arjun Rampal, who won accolades for his performance in Prakash Jha's Raajneeti, has once again teamed up with the filmmaker for his upcoming film Chakravyuh. Rampal will be seen essaying the role a cop in the movie and the actor claims that Jha is one of his favourite directors. "Prakash ji is one of my favourite directors to work with. I like a role if it scares me in the beginning, if the character makes me feel whether I'll be able to do it or not. In the past, characters that I've assumed I'll be able to do easily, I have messed them up. But Prakash always gives you characters which allow you to push yourself and go beyond," said Rampal. "He comes to you with a lot of research and material. Before we start shooting, we do a lot of readings and rehearsals, these are complicated subjects so we don't want to take sides. Prakash's best quality is that he creates an environment for his actors when they come on the sets, which enhances your body language and performance," he further added. Arjun will play the character of S.P. Adil Khan, in the movie which is based on the issues of Naxalites. The film also features Abhay Deol, Manoj Bajpayee and Esha Gupta in the lead roles and is set to release on October 24, 2012.

16. The Liars Trailer

  • Duration: 142
  • Channel: shortfilms
The Liars Trailer

Zac is a well-respected French filmmaker who creates a major uproar when for no apparent reason he suddenly vanishes from his posh Parisian apartment leaving behind his lover Helene, a popular star. Marcus, his producer searches for eight months before locating Zac who has since become a homeless street bum in an expensive neighborhood. Marcus sends Zac to a posh hotel. He then sends Daisy, an ambitious secretary and aspiring screenwriter to learn what happened to the great director. It takes a lot of mutual verbal sparring and false turns (which are presented as creatively filmed vignettes that are done using a variety of techniques) from Zac before he finally tells her the truth. The two then decide to turn the story into a film. As they write, Daisy and Zac slowly fall in love. At the same time, Marcus has his hands full trying to avoid some tough Russian Mafiosos who want the money they invested back.

17. Never Ever / À jamais (2016) - Trailer (English Subs)

  • Duration: 103
  • Channel: shortfilms
Never Ever / À jamais (2016) - Trailer (English Subs)

Directed by : Benoit Jacquot Produced by : Alfama Films Production Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 1 h 26 min French release: 07/12/2016 Production year: 2016 Laura and Rey live in a house beside the sea. He's a filmmaker, she creates performances in which she's the actress. Rey dies (accident, suicide?), leaving her alone in the house. But soon, alone she'll no longer be. Someone is there. It's Rey, by and for her, like a dream that is longer than night, so that she survives. More info:

18. Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX

  • Duration: 208
  • Channel: shortfilms
Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX

Scientists at IBM Research have collaborated with 20th Century Fox to create the first-ever cognitive movie trailer for the movie Morgan. Utilizing experimental Watson APIs and machine learning techniques, the IBM Research system analyzed hundreds of horror/thriller movie trailers. After learning what keeps audiences on the edge of their seats, the AI system suggested the top 10 best candidate moments for a trailer from the movie Morgan, which an IBM filmmaker then edited and arranged together. A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a seemingly innocent “human,” who presents a mystery of both infinite promise and incalculable danger. In Theaters - September 2, 2016 Cast: Kate Mara, Anya Taylor-Joy, Toby Jones, Rose Leslie, Boyd Holbrook, Michelle Yeoh, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Paul Giamatti Get Tickets Now: Morgan | IBM Creates First Movie Trailer by AI [HD] | 20th Century FOX for more follow my channel....

19. The Carbon Rush Trailer

  • Duration: 142
  • Channel: shortfilms
The Carbon Rush Trailer

Around the world, multinationals are taking advantage of carbon credits to allow them to burn their waste. Beneath the system’s environment-friendly veneer, entire ecosystems are under siege, human populations are in economic crisis, and greenhouse gases keep spewing into the atmosphere. Three years after making MYTHS FOR PROFIT, activist filmmaker Amy Miller follows up with this ambitious documentary (filmed on four continents) – a bold, highly intelligent work on the dark underbelly of green business. Even while working on a grand scale, she creates intimate portraits of numerous communities, never forgetting that global issues always affect individual lives. An essential appeal to conscience.

20. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo Episode 1

  • Duration: 1272
  • Channel: tv
The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo Episode 1

Enjoy! .Actor and Filmmaker Brian Jordan Alvarez creates a variety of works for your viewing pleasure.Enjoy! .Enjoy! .