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1. alexander opicho - TOP LESBIAN ODE TO ORAL SEX

  • Duration: 123
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - TOP LESBIAN ODE TO ORAL SEX

The flame in my flesh burns tor like Above conventions of average humanity, Propelled to hatred of their opposite By the pristine charm in the streaks of culture, Their Florence comes from the glory of orthodoxities In the time long fibres of religious pockets, Islam, Christian, Hinduism and all that steadily And firmly in piety aver perfection of Godliness, Forgetting the flame of same sex with oral spice In the God made flesh of the dear lesbian daughter, Spell binding the equivalent in blossoms of the gay, Provoking hatred from the threatened heterosexists, But the oral sex of a lesbian is an apex of human pleasure Surpassing all on earth and in heaven, as no human barricade Of whatsoever caliber will cull lesbian's feelings From the glorious power in the genitals on kiss of lips, As the tongue of the chic wag from side to other Touching fountains of sexual glory in cement of sameness Throwing threats of law and black order to dustbins And trash yards of anachronisms as the power of LGBT Engulfs the young world into in its protégé, Shamelessly tethered on the sensual tentacles Of maximum gusto in the prick of oral sex with a dear ‘less' In tune with all rhythms of the times Remaining strange to the conservatives, Ever seeking pleasure from where pain hails Living gloomy life on a brink of melancholia, Worry not lesbian daughter you are powerful, In one away or so, rise up and walk tall You have power in your oral sex, Oral sex! Oral sex! Oral sex of a lesbian! alexander opicho

2. alexander opicho - Ode To The Breasts Of A Woman

  • Duration: 65
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Ode To The Breasts Of A Woman

in my state of being a deadly sex rapscallion i knew not why there are breasts on a woman i had often rushed down to the south seeking for selfish sensation in wanton of her a woman whose freedom i devoured she persevered solemnly without my know let me accede to my audience with all honesty the breasts of a woman is a treasure of nature a beacon of creation for peaceful humanity touch them fondly with a pinch of compassion be patient with them for they were your first food fondle them patiently they are amber of fire sing to them a poem in sweet love of them they will stand erect pointing at the sun breaking eyes of your beautiful love as her heart unto you soft is gone you must treasure the breasts of a woman with your warm volley of kisses more than you scamper for her fine thighs for the power in the thighs comes from the warmth in the glorified breasts alexander opicho

3. alexander opicho - Ode To All The Russian Poets

  • Duration: 89
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Ode To All The Russian Poets

when i start by name perhaps in a flap of fault exculpate my soul for maximum rectitude is the true fill of my heart glory to the sons of Russia Kudos to you all and your foremen; Nikolai Gogol the master in the dead souls Alexander Pushkin the effeminate poet Vladimir Lenin who knew what was doable Alexander sholenestysn the Siberian jail bird who was on the poetic phone by five Feodor Dostoyevsky the epileptic Karamazov Maxim Gorky and Antony Chenkoy leave them alone Ayn Rand the woman who shrug the atlas for we the living Vladimir Nabokov the school master who asked for sex from her student the adourous Lolita Boris Pasternak the Muzhik like Leo Tolstoy who wanted land beyond the horizon for doctor Zhivago the sexy peasant or Vladimir Makayavosky who slapped the public in the face of their capitalistic taste, Glorified be you all you sons of Russia your Muse is beautiful and erotically crazy glory for your humour and your finer threads with which you have woven for me my poems of dystopia glory be to you all in the stark oblivion of Leon Trotsky and his penman Leonid Brezhnev alexander opicho

4. alexander opicho - ode to the male and female condom

  • Duration: 55
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - ode to the male and female condom

Alexander K Opicho (Eldoret, Kenya; Hi dear companion in my helm of gusto I don't know if you enjoy as I do whatever you accompany me to often is the height of joy, safety or life friend I don't know you do know you accompanied me once to a virgin sex I ripped fruits alone, you protected me still from foe HIV aka aids as later I lived alone as I trashed you to the rotten garbage for municipal nemesis in fire raze of you pardon me Mr condom for once forgive me next we accompany I will pay you dear alexander opicho

5. Oral Sex - episodio 14 [ eng subtitles ]

  • Duration: 194
  • Channel: shortfilms
Oral Sex - episodio 14  [ eng subtitles ]

Oral Sex (Coming Soon) - stagione 1 \ episodio 14 [ season 1 \ episode 14 ] ------------------------------------------------- creato e prodotto da: Angelo Zabaglio, Carlo Piscicelli, Andrea Coffami. con: Emanuela Mascherini Manuel Ricco Samantha Silvestri Daniel de Rossi Natalia Giro Nicole Petrelli


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12. alexander opicho - Caricateurs Of Freedom

  • Duration: 144
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Caricateurs Of Freedom

Freedom is not a proverbial rose bush guard of Russia Not a flag independence eked in duplication Of evil, malice, discrimination and corruptible rapacity Affirming sovereignty only if state crimes go Scot free minus neither censure nor civil rebuke Duplicity of racism, Nazism and immoral ethnicity A few riding on the backs of masses singing anti Kipling Sonnet of love the poor are a Blackman’s burden. Freedom is not tribal Darwinism, caricateaurs perhaps! Big tribes clinging on despotic power over The nations of the excluded minorities thinned Out in the wildish fervor of a song In a dirty tempo echoing political folly Tyranny of numbers! Tyranny of numbers Oblivious to democratic unfreedom If the majority is politically wrong Whose stanza could beautifully befit Tyranny of huge tribes! Tyranny of huge tribes Demediocretizing bystanders to wham -pam -pams Of thoughts altruistic projection of quiz and quiz; What of the tyranny of intellect? What of the tyranny of reasons? What of the tyranny of truth? What of mis-tyranny of stolen election? What of tyranny of political maturity? What of tyranny of political sobriety? What of tyranny of timocracy? What of tyranny of crimes? What of tyranny of ethnicity? What of tyranny of fear? What of tyranny of justice in the Hollanders Hague? Perpetrators of cosmetic freedom And parochial democracy of the state poets Ennobling political snobs of time immemorial Boot and licking state falsehood With fierce hostility antagonizing The troubadours of the songs of freedom In detention legal terrorism and economic freezing Giving birth to placenta of freedom which I I mine poemocracy I decry as; caricateaurs of freedom! alexander opicho

13. alexander opicho - Africa My Cornucopia

  • Duration: 98
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Africa My Cornucopia

You are excess of my goodness when am done with my badness I love you Africa in excess for your excess of peoblems; Poverty, wars, warlords, diseases, hunger, famine And cataclysms evilest eating away your terra firma Like a desperate Tigre on a capsized boat, Your riches in history of slavery and heritage of colonialism, In the excess of your global bleeding that makes me love you more, Your excessive black ugly humanity in the explosive population of useless human beings; barely illiterate and blunt in knowledge Buried deeply in the starkness of crude and vulpine culture, These bestow to me the synergy to love you O! My dear tarzanic Africa, Your excessive cult of dictatorships that glitter in aura of democracy, Sending your sons and daughters to miserable powerlessness, Devoid of governance in abundance of power and money corruption, Financing and cementing torture chambers for the voices of reason, Building my pedestal on which I stand to execute My cornucopia of love for you dear Africa, an avatar of Satan, As you are prone and spread-eagled in a defenseless stretch Against all the rapist condemning your self to ideological turmoil, I still do love you in supercilious superfluity my dear Africa. alexander opicho

14. alexander opicho - GOD SOLVES GAZA DISPUTE

  • Duration: 121
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - GOD SOLVES GAZA DISPUTE

All lines are controversial Average performance is extremely intelligent, My answer to the riddle is this God never wrote fables In the bible, Qur'an, Gita, Ramayana, Dini ya Musambwa Nor anything you will mention that amount to mankind's Mental peregrinations in search for God. Jewish literature in the form of the bible Is strongly successful as a misleading literature And firmly founded in racial prejudice. Similarly the Qur'an is Arabic adjustment Of Jewish literature in the bible. The Apocryphal of them all is enigmatic. The sons of Asia are dangerously gifted in literature And their epics often form religion, think of Tagore's poem That became Indian nation anthem, Karl Marx's das kapitel that became revolutionary religion Blue print or even Gautama's sermons recited by Jesus Christ Six hundred years later as a sermon on the mountain. Now; to me Asians must stop racial chauvinism And accept humanity as there are very many human beings Who are living away from Jerusalem and are prosperous Both economically and spiritually, take a case of Vatican. In my faith therefore, God himself will give Jerusalem to African immigrants in Palestine and Israel, Because Abraham was a refugee in Africa, Ishmael was born in Africa; Jesus was a refugee in Africa And even a Libyan; Simon the Cyrene helped him To carry the ominous Roman cross, doen to Calvary Thus, Christianity is founded on the innocent misery of an African race. alexander opicho

15. alexander opicho - An African Girl In Russia

  • Duration: 124
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - An African Girl In Russia

She went to Russia as a student To study fashionable nuclear technology At the communist Patrice Lumumba University At the center of ideologue creating city of Moscow, She went there an accomplished total virgin No African eye had ever seen her naked bossom She came from the western region of Africa A girl so couth in all the platforms of life; In manners, dress and sexual appetite, With only education as the prime focus of her hearty; To bag a science degree in her African leather wallet Under her arm pit, sandwiching culture and discipline. But communist racism turned her into an ape bitch, All the tricks of European racism were employed on her, The young girl lost her seed of self-worthwhile sensibilities, She conceded that perhaps she was a daughter of zinjanthropus, In the land of dignified civilisation of the Russian humanity Where communism struggles to achieve universal Godliness As Negro blackness strives to achieve universal communism, In this negative personality feat, my dear daughter goofed, A poor girl of Africa joined communist sex workers market, And hence the door was opened to communist loutishness, Comrades came in arms and went out, to collectivize her love Making her sexual rights state property, subjected to proletariat dictatorship, Only to suffer the bane of the time on her complain of woman rights, She was declared as an African prostitute in Moscow, Suffering from incorrigible explosive African anger, Negro irascibility never seen any where in mother Russia Only capable to be corrected in Siberian prison. alexander opicho

16. SFTU info 854. BIG APOLOGY to Aussie cis-gender sex-worker Kennedy Kruz AKA Shiloh Hartley (lol @ luxurious ‪#‎gfe‬)

  • Duration: 687
  • Channel: animals
SFTU info 854. BIG APOLOGY to Aussie cis-gender sex-worker Kennedy Kruz AKA Shiloh Hartley (lol @ luxurious ‪#‎gfe‬)

Note: all the information below is publicly available. Shiloh's best professional statements about the world: "Self-described 'feminist stripper and homo heartthrob', Shiloh Hartley, says she lost out: 'After 3AM, since no one is allowed in, the club clears out and it's just a pathetic rotation of the same penniless losers that have been in there for hours… I'd say I'm losing an extra $500–$800 a night'." lol @ feminist lesbian 'sex-workers' calling anyone a 'loser'. Instagram profile description: "Giant homo with amazing girlfriend and cat. Australian men will not be accepted" Tumblr title: "The Girl Who Wanted To Be God" #UltimatePenisEnvy Wish List; perfume Paco Rabanne - Black XS L'Aphrodisiaque handbags GIVENCHY Medium Pandora Pure bag in Black perfume Thierry Mugler - Alien (dark purple bottle) food Mon Pere Brie cheese gift cards Peter Alexander gift cards Pleasurements gift cards Agent Provocateur flowers Prostitution About Me: "Gentlemen [excluding 'penniless losers'! Have you ever wanted to have a threesome but couldn’t find two equally gorgeous women? Well, now you have! Join us and explore our bodies as we play with each other and deliver an unforgettable experience – steamy, intimate and insanely erotic. While we aim to please you first and foremost, we thoroughly enjoy each others company, both in and out of the bedroom. You can expect a completely comfortable experience – no awkward silences or nervous glances, but real, raw bi action. Our personalities are confident, elegant and delightfully devilish – a thrilling match to our angelically sculptured but natural faces, which have graced the pages of several magazines. Our naturally plump lips are a pleasure to kiss, and our flawless breasts fit perfectly in ones hand once removed from our lingerie – we only wear the finest. We’re not just pretty faces, however – privately educated, you can expect us to hold a free-flowing conversation. We pride ourselves on being Australia’s best double act – our appearances always exceed expectations, and we are reliable and discreet each and every time – your time and privacy is always valued. Indulge yourself in this phenomenal threesome – the memories will be burned into your mind forever. We look forward to hearing from you, Kennedy Kruz & Carmen Celeste xo" Translation: "I'm a lesbian, and so is my girlfriend, and no one chooses to be gay--but we don't mind being 'straight for pay'." Personal Menu: Affectionate cuddling Affectionate kissing BBBJ – bare back blow job Bi twin (double) BLS – balls licking and sucking COB – cum on body DATY – oral on me DFK – deep French kissing Dirty talk Doggy style FK – French kissing FS – full service Full oil massage GFE - girlfriend experience MFF – male female female Multiple positions Mutual masturbation Mutual natural oral Natural oral Passionate kissing PSE – porn star experience Prices: Half hour: $600 1 Hour: $1000 2 Hours: $1800 #Empowered [/#Creepy #Stalker]

17. alexander opicho - Ebola

  • Duration: 131
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Ebola

Ebola! Ebola! Ebola! you are only hunting in the exhausted fields, you predecessors have done evil marvel in this land Africa's sons and daughter were heavily taken away in slave raid, colonial rampage two world wars, cancer and HIV aids, Ebola you must be ashamed to come here, are you as foolish as lioness that must follow the path initially taken by her husband the lion? Ebola Africa is dead tired and lain forlorn by strange diseases not known by it but only named in the land of their cradle where HIV was born in the Irish Laboratory on trial and error to decimate Africa's populations in the racially biased arsenal you have also come you fangled teeth a bare menace to each of us you make us bleed from out body holes, blood oozing out like Nile water from lake Victoria Ebola! Ebola! sympathy is not a vice, but heavenly virtue, only protege of the Godly please be sympathetic to Africa the orphan of the classic times with no succour her wounds of Cancer are fresh and fresh as those obnoxites from the nasty Aids aka HIV, kindly empathize with Africa you have eaten Mali and Nigeria after Congo Kinshasa you are now in Kenya the neighbor of Sudan the last born of Africa already rendered forlorn by the AK 47 and AK 74, shot in the tribal tremors O! Ebola Ebola! my prayer to you is as brief as that; forgive me for my weird mourning of my brothers and sister in death mongering mandibles so ugly and Abysmal like Gehenna of Jesus Christ, Amen! alexander opicho

18. alexander opicho - BETTER THE GORILLAS OF RWANDA

  • Duration: 37
  • Channel: music

Better the gorillas of Rwanda are given birth certificate Within a brief while of their visiting the earth, Their security is guaranteed by the state machinery Basking in the full confidence of three meals a day, Not wary of political repression based on suspicion, They have a national day in their honour Fully agitated for clean environment By the political incumbentcy, alexander opicho

19. alexander opicho - Dummheit Von Ratte

  • Duration: 64
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - Dummheit Von Ratte

Eine tag das Katze war sehr hungrig Das katze hat ohne zu essen Noch wasser, die mehl und fleisch Fuhr katze war vollig hoffnungslos Aber aus nirgendwo; eine sehre Ratte Ratte war viesig, sexy und tollkuhnlisch dick Fuhr Katze war beinahe erwurgen be unglaubig, Fuhr Katze war staunen; war staunnen wenn zu essen Essen das dummheit Ratte zu-erst Oder essen dummeheit Ratte vor milch Die milch welche Ratte hat auf ihr kopf Tragenen al seine geschenk fur Das Katze Waa! Fuhr katzen gessen die Ratte erst Vor essenen die Milch Welche Das Ratte war tragenen Est ist dummheit den todden das Ratte Vergnugen alexander opicho

20. alexander opicho - TUMMY TAX

  • Duration: 51
  • Channel: music
alexander opicho - TUMMY TAX

Alexander K Opicho (Eldoret, Kenya; Kenya; the begotten daughter of your poor mother Whose children starve and stave hunger in their tummies Wallowing in mire of food destitution and diverse others Wondering where to get victuals from as you have none to tax Kindly look at your state officers the tummies are bulging Occupying space all over, suffocating neighbours to the fringe Tax the commonaplace tummies of your state officers For them are plenty enough to give you revenue In combat against hunger unto your children alexander opicho